10 Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

Posted on October 22, 2012 by team

One boy liked to walk in the forest. He walked alone because he lived in a small village and he was the only child there. Recollecting the stories about the war which had been told him by his grandfather he was dreaming to find something that remained from that immemorial time. He even didn’t suspect that he would touch the history  once and find himself in an underground shelter of the war times.

Years have passed. The boy has grown up. He decided to remember his childhood and came to the forest where the bustling civilization was ending.

Those protective objects of civil defence were intended for sheltering people. They had an interesting octahedral shape and the deep history.

Two shelters stand separately from each other. The first one has three main rooms, the second one – only two, all the same is identical.

It’s the scheme of the shelter rooms.

The ground design of the object is of the old type while the interior is rather modern. Probably when the “civilization” reached this place the shelters were renovated. On the photo above is one of the main rooms.

The rooms are separated by such passages.

Some doors are wooden.

The telephone still works.

This is a room for recreation.

Here people can read documents and instructions.

The documents hang on the walls.

And some posters are available to read.

It says “Maintenance section”

It’s the place for the ventilation locksmith.

This is how it looks inside.

The toilet is located nearby.

There is fire-fighting equipment as well. The box is filled with sand.

It says “In case of a fire, call 01″.

And this is an office for the chief.

These pipes are with drinking water.

It says: “Shelter 50 m”, “Shelter 100 m”.

At the exit is a table with a box with batteries and a voltmeter / ammeter.

They have spare structures as well.

Some certificates lie on the shelf.

It’s the exit door.

We are going to leave now.

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10 Responses to “Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects”

  1. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    english russia belongs to which country?
    does anyone know?o>_<~

  2. ProudGerman says:

    So is this a bomb fallout bunker?

  3. thatdeadguy says:

    More preparations for a war that never came. We happily went about building our rockets while you dug holes in the ground to survive the attack. But our pockets were deeper and frankly we never wasted our money on surviving your retaliation. We bankrupted your county and our children. I miss those days when we could look at the USSR and say there, there is our enemy! It was so much easier then.

    • PKN says:

      Big talk from a nation that would have had nothing to counter the Tsar Bomb with. In the end you were merely lucky they didn’t deploy it, perhaps they were simply the smarter nation. While your nation happily deployed its nuclear arsenal on other parts of the world. Pathetic, keep your horse shit to yourself

      • snide says:

        I think we can agree that both of our nations, while flawed, ultimately made a very wise decision to not engage one another. In my mind Russia has always deserved respect for its strength, intelligence and perseverance. thatdeadguy seems to be saying that America waged an economic war that we could sustain longer than the USSR and that we are still paying for. His observation that he misses the good old days is merely an expression of the simplicity of having a clear enemy that we could easily vilify, as compared to the nebulous enemies of today: individual ideologies and religious ignorance.

  4. Osip says:

    This place looks like recent renovated due to flood. Check the desk, and the shovels.
    But why make such repairs? It is redundant and at least 50 years out of dated. Few districts would allocate funds for this any more.

  5. sinner says:

    the scheme says year “2011”. so yes, renovated not so long ago

  6. Mummeli says:

    Humm.. They always show the air-purification systems on these ‘tours’ about shelters, but what about the lights? How are they managed? Or do they really rely on the mains to stay on?

    Sure it’s great, that they have pure air to breeth, but if they can’t see anything..

    So, a box full of flashlights with batteries, or what?

  7. Ego_Des says:

    There are no light manage or battaries. This bulbs light work on air ))))) its our Nano lights

  8. Brian Fahey says:

    Impressive. Wish we had these in the USA for the people. We only have them for the “elite”. I understand that such shelters are still being constructed even today. My mothers side was Russian so I never understood why Russia & the USA were enemies.

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