51 Four Years of One Bench

Four Years of One Bench

Posted on October 18, 2012 by team

A bench is like a model of the world. Everything goes around a bench. Couples who can’t find another place for passion, hoboes who use a bench as home, a table, a toilet and a bed, students who always break benches or prepare for exams sitting on them, old people who live their last days on a bench…

Eugene Kotenko chose one ordinary bench and was describing its life for four years. It had been gray but then was painted blue, trash bins appeared and disappeared and more new people kept coming to spend some part of their life on the bench.




This is E. Kotenko himself.

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51 responses to “Four Years of One Bench”

  1. ProudGerman says:

    Russia seems to have drinking and smoking addiction problems. Many peoples look so depressed in Russia country.

  2. ProudGerman says:

    Russia needs better hygiene they do not take good care of teeth. In Germany we take good care of hygiene and teeth not many people in Russia seem to look clean they appear very stinky looking.

  3. Salty. S says:

    Do you people even have normal size beer bottles over there?

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    The Comrade is obviously reading “Das Kapital.” It is so enthralling one forgets all spacetime and you enter the true quantum Universe.

    • Tiger says:

      I read it twice, all three volumes. Its analytic deductions are interesting, especially about the theory of value and price, but also about business cycles (tendency of the falling rate of profit as built in crisis mechanism of capitalism). So from a scientific point of view it has some value to it, but the political and social consequences in the USSR were just disastrous.

  5. sauron says:

    The photographer must live right by that bench.

  6. Oleg says:

    It is not Russia. This is photo made in Ukraine.

  7. whistleblower says:

    russia is alcoholic country. The police looks like street sweepers or mechanics, disrt. I feel stink !

  8. Madak says:

    What is the dog’s name?

  9. ausGeoff says:

    Drunk Russians…..

    There’s a surprise!

  10. Chico says:

    Sort of creative, i like it.

  11. Alex says:

    It’s Ukraine

  12. timoulete says:

    Ultimate bench with Alcohol, sex, police and animals maybe Russian philosophy : )

  13. mittens says:

    This is Ukraine indeed. Not Russia.

  14. ProudGerman says:

    Ukraine == Russia

    IT has been and always will be the SAME country, it is RUSSIANS living there. Plus, hygiene is poor – stinky people and rotten teeth.

  15. America says:

    Typical. Russians always claim Ukrainians are Russians too and so is Ukraine, that it has always been part of Russia. That’s until it’s a bunch of drunks looking foolish in the park, then “That’s not Russia, it’s Ukraine!” 😀

    • vorontsevich says:

      Ironic. When it comes to Ukranian beauties, you too should have some sort of claim at that because your grandparents or whatever, “miraculously” originated from Ukraine. But anything else…. Lol. Practice what you teach, hirsh.

      • America says:

        “miraculously”??? and what do i preach? lol

        • Tiger says:

          Have you ever seen a bench in Detroit, Baltimore, Boston, New Orleans…well it would be the same picture, just with WASPs, Irish, Blacks and Latinos.

          • America says:

            lol Difference is we don’t whine that’s not Detroit, it’s Canada! then turn around and claim credit for the good things in Canada. Russians always in denial about the ugly truths, eager to accept fame for the good things in the FSU!

        • vorontsevich says:

          miraculous because most Russophobes always have some relative or other who “heroically” or “miraculously” “escaped”. That was me being skeptical.

          Sigh… Practice what you teach means you yourself should do the things you advise other people to do. Twist it a bit, and you can say you yourself should correct your flaws, before you point out the same flaws in someone else. That being good advice, I’ll take it, but I doubt you can properly even process my comment. Lol.

          • America says:

            Nothing miraculous or heroic about it. They just had the common sense to get out of Tsarist Russia when the getting was good, and America was still wide open to immigration. The streets didn’t turn out to be paved with gold, but life was good enough and they went on to good things. Unlike what their lives would have been under 70 lost years of failed communist BS.

            • vorontsevich says:

              You just proved my point. “The streets didn’t turn out to be paved with gold, but life was good enough and they went on to good things.” And yet, somehow someone whos never been even close to knowing Russia, knows more about life in Russia, than a Russian whos lived there all his life. Lol. Ironic isn’t it, when you accuse me of doing something similar a while ago.

            • Tiger says:

              Hey America, are you Xoxol or Jew? Either way that would explain a lot.

              • America says:

                lol, that comment explains a lot about you.

                • Tiger says:

                  Could explain your Russophobia, yes – it is just that way kid. Prejudice is usually tied to the upbringing and that is tied to the history, culture and religion of the family. All the Soviet/Russian Jews I met abroad literally despise Russia and the Russian people. The same goes for the western Ukrainians who have a pathetic hatred for the “Moskali”. It is just my observation.

                  • America says:

                    Well i’m sure they don’t have any good reason to feel the way they do, that it’s just irrational BS on their part.

                    • Tiger says:

                      So it is the Russians fault that others are aggressive, bitter and heinous? The Russians could also hat jews because of communism and also hate the latins because of the aggression of the Rzeszpospolita in the past. But the fact is that they do not. So haters gonna hate…

  16. René says:

    The Bench, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

  17. H Cook says:

    I would like to have seen the dates these were taken

  18. Mutti says:

    Too bad, it’s non-chronological

  19. niceblog says:

    Great Story. Gave me more then sterile photo exhibition in our city gallery. Greeting from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

  20. Tiago C says:

    Great pics. Would love to know the author’s website.

  21. skopeil says:

    the area around the bench was quite dirty.Full of drunken peoples..:(

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