0 The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

Posted on October 17, 2012 by team

Kadykovsky quarry became famous for its flux limestone of a very high quality. But when the place started to be flooded it got abandoned and soon was forgotten. A new project called “Balaklava Green” worth 2 billion dollars is going to bring second life to the quarry.

They want to create a resort area here, build hotels, SPA-centers etc. But for now it’s just a shelter for seagulls and ravens that like to enjoy this lake with blue water.

The territory of the quarry is closed, by the way. It’s forbidden to approach the lake due to the possible danger of rockslides. But the author of these photos took the risk anyway…

There are different versions regarding the quality of the water in the lake. Some even say it is salty. But in fact, it is rather pure and fresh.


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