29 Austere Military Camp For Teens

Austere Military Camp For Teens

Posted on October 15, 2012 by team

It is some strange and austere children’s camp located in the Crimea. Teenagers are taught Cossack combat tactics and other skills which were used by warriors several centuries ago but haven’t died till today.


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29 Responses to “Austere Military Camp For Teens”

  1. Nergol says:

    Can we get them to take “Honey Boo Boo” and her family?

  2. Tiger says:


  3. Y5K says:

    It would be ok for the volunteer participants, but I don’t know for the kids forced to join the camp being told to be someone need discipline. For them I think such a camp is just a one-shot thing. They are just waiting for the end of the camp days and then going back to who they used to be. That gives nothing to the kids, but the satisfaction of their parents.

    • Jeebs says:

      Parents living vicariously through their kids I really hate seeing that happen :(

    • Tiger says:

      A bit of sport and discipline is always good. These boys will real men some day. Not some weaklings.

      • America says:

        Yeah, we get it. Russia’s future real men are nothing more then Adidas / DSquared wearing, Jaguar guzzling, racist gopniks who chain smoke cigarettes, and if they’re lucky enough to live to old age, they will die their his sixties, broke and looking like they are really 78 due to all the Vodka they turned to at some point to forget how bad their lives suck. “Real men”, lol

        • Tiger says:

          Sounds like your are talking about the American South :)

          BTW, Cossacks do not tolerate alcoholics. Alcoholics are usually whipped in front of the community since abuse is considered a sin. As a matter of fact, drinking, smoking and whoring is an American style way of life.

  4. DouglasU says:

    The problem with these camps are the adults. Are the adults properly trained NOT to abuse kids?

    • Tiger says:

      If abusive behaviour is the first association You have in this case than You clearly off the track. This is a Cossacks camp. Kids are trained from small on to be warriors for their faith. This is a tradition going on for several hundreds years.

  5. Gyuri says:

    It seems like some enjoy the “abuse”. The first picture where somebody is standing on the guy’s stomach in the yellow pants clearly has a hardon.

  6. Tiger says:

    Yes, all of the west degrades its offspring, so they are more easy to control. The flipside is however that they become an easy prey for others. In Afghanistan a kid is beaten until it stops crying. When it becomes an adult it does not feel any fear or pain. Guess who will be victorious of those two? The western kid with its obesity and fear or the Afghan with his energy and spirit? No technology can help you here.

    • America says:

      In Afghanistan 11 year old daughters are sold to middle age men for 50 sheep too. Probably the same asshole you are talking about being a “real man” after he’s grown up.

      • Tiger says:

        Still those animals kick you across the sand…

        • SHAH says:

          One single case dose not represent whole nation,In Afghan nation it is a fact that the girl of most decent family and character have more “Head Price” then the others.The girls similar which you have in your country are even married by their parent with “dowry” to groom from her parent side because to make her acceptable.
          Lose or cheap character moms might have wealthy or educated or vise children, when grow up but can not have sons with great morals.

  7. N says:

    Sure, sport is always a good thing – way better than wasting whole days with a f*cking playstation. But: do you really need to put a gun in a kid’s hands to teach him discipline?

  8. Mushishi says:

    Ill stick to the girly western men,freedom and tolerance.
    One can be disciplined in many ways but the most importan thing is mental discipline and healthy judgement.
    I dont see any spiritual,mental growth in boot camps. Kids are trained here to be soldiers,murderes without any empathy.
    Some people probably want their kids to raise a gun,be a part of an army in war and die “bravely” fighting for some “higher” political and moral reasons.I dont think anyone who has average to high intelect would participate in this.
    I can only justify this for prisoners,kids on streets etc. who dont have a choice.

    • Tiger says:

      what an utter nonsense! These boys will be real men one day and you and your neutered west will have to deal with that (if you are not overrun by the muslims until then)

      • Mushishi says:

        yeah yeah, nonsense.
        Its pretty obvious theese boys will enjoying killing someone with those guns in near future.
        Growing out to be killing machines must be fun.

        • Tiger says:

          A killing machine has no moral. These are Cossacks, they are very strict in their faith. So please stay away with your “killing machine” blabla…You maybe would make one

  9. Igor says:

    Outdoors in some lovely terrain, in tents, getting to use guns, edged weapons, train for military operations and general ass kicking? Looks like it’s close to boy heaven to me. Only needs horses to be perfect. But, then, I’m from Cossack stock.

    • Tiger says:

      A cross around the neck, a gun, a horse…that is the way of the Cossacks. This is a Cossack camp, the Ataman is from Taganrog. He is training youngsters for many years now since the south of Russia is its bleeding front.

  10. komar says:

    Nonsens, Nonsens, Horrible. poor childrens.
    Childrens gun-men like Adolf Hitler.
    Very bad tradition in modern century. :-( :-(

  11. ZORKY says:

    Pinches rusos locos, sigan envenenando la mente de sus jóvenes.

  12. Ego_Des says:

    Man should be man

  13. SHAH says:


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