12 The Biggest Underground Structure of Ukraine After the Subway

The Biggest Underground Structure of Ukraine After the Subway

Posted on October 14, 2012 by team

Bunker Alsou or object 221 (Protected Command Point of the Black Sea Fleet) is situated on the mountain Mishen in the Crimea, Ukraine. It is the biggest underground structure on the territory of the country except the subway.

The bunker had to become a reliable protection of the Black Sea command from a possible nuclear attack from the American side (Dropshot plan).

The bunker construction began in 1977. Mishen mountain represented a very solid monolith with no single fault. It was perfect for construction of a structure like this.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1992, the construction was almost stopped at the stage of 90% readiness. Then the object was started to be slowly plundered. They even exploded the object to get inside for gain.

The object has four levels: the main command level, residential level, hardware level and communication level, it also has two portals (eastern and western ones). The bunker goes deep into the mountain for 500 m (1640 ft) and lies at the depth of 180 m (590 ft) in the place of passage of a vertical shaft.

This is an entry to the western portal.

From the very beginning the object impresses with its dimensions. A car can easily go through it.

The deadlock that goes to the right is intended for catching a blast in case if the main entry is exploded.

The remains of the power lines are hanging under the ceiling.

It’s hard to imagine how much they spent for the construction of these miles long tunnels.

Technical inputs lead to the lower communication level.


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  1. raaa says:

    Is it open to “visitors”? Where is it exactly? Want to visit as a urbex explor.

  2. tom says:

    I love how in Russia there’s no pathetic Bill of Human Rights and how a man can roam freely without things that are deemed too dangerous are blocked off.

  3. XyuH says:

    Fallout 3 vault with ghouls

  4. CCCPFreak says:

    WHY??? WHY DONT BUILD IT????!!! And USE it i want to have a bunker instead of a normal house.

  5. Joe says:

    Tom, The man entered at his free will. Other than that your a retard.

  6. slawemente says:


  7. Igor says:

    Sorry Crimea is in Russia

  8. Stefan says:

    Crimea is in Russia? Maybe for such progressive nations like Nauru,Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicaragua, non-states like Transnistria, Abchasia, Southern Ossetia and such oasis of peace and freedom like Syria. Sorry, I forgot to write about them – the other more than 170 nations of the world I may not write because of lack of free space;-)!

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