9 One Ghetto Dance

One Ghetto Dance

Posted on October 13, 2012 by team

It seems that clubs of Irkutsk are losing a cool dancer who has to express herself at the railway station of the city. People around react in a different way, someone laughs, others prefer not to pay any attention.

Maybe she was laughing at such people some years ago too but today she does not care much…

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9 Responses to “One Ghetto Dance”

  1. Nergol says:

    That’s great – some idiot in Siberia acts like the kind of people in America, who most American wish they could ship off to Siberia.

  2. Richard W. says:

    OK….. funky dance…..

  3. Jeebs says:

    Me thinks she be drunk or high

  4. andy says:

    clicked on everything but never got to see dance. C’mon guys…

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    Radical history: Irkutsk is where the reactionary criminal Kolchak met revolutionary justice. Now: Aimless ignorant or apathetic youth are in bondage to an amoral hustle/con known as capitalism.

  6. skopeil says:

    she just drunk…nothing special.

  7. jannvis says:

    direct descendants of Genghis Khan

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