9 Flying Vehicles Being Demolished Right Now

Flying Vehicles Being Demolished Right Now

Posted on October 11, 2012 by team

Right now they are demolishing the aircrafts on the field of Khodynka where they have been standing for many years as a part of the aviation museum exposition. Moscow citizens know this place well, they could come here, see various helicopters and fighters, even climb on them. Today, with no preliminary declaration of war, there came machines to demolish everything there.

It says “Attention! The territory is guarded. No entry.” Though nearby is a hole one can get through.

This mechanism resembles an excavator. But instead of a bucket it has huge hydraulic cutters. It has an inscription: “AviaVtorResusrs. Utilization of aerotechnics”. There is no doubt about its functions. Next to the machine we can notice a pile of metal scrap and ramins of a helicopter engine.

This used to be a Mi-6 helicopter.

Those very cutters to demolish the aerotechnics.

It writes “AviaTorResurs. Utilization of aerotechnics”

Mi-6 helicopter is really huge, it can be compared with a two-storey house according to its dimensions. Have you ever sat on a helicopter blade? Blades of this helicopter are about 1 meter (3,3 ft) wide. It’s really cool. But nobody will be able to do it here anymore.

It’s the entrance to the territory of the filed. They planned to create a museum of aerotechnics here but now all the metal is going to be remelted: giant combat machines will become a joy for some housekeepers who will buy new pans from waste.

Scrap metal is everywhere.

Here’s what has remained from the turbomotors.


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9 Responses to “Flying Vehicles Being Demolished Right Now”

  1. Jim-Bob says:

    Seems like such a waste. The old fighter jets would be worth many times their scrap value to a person who wants to fly an old warbird.

    • cockatrice says:

      You’d think. We have this L-29 lot maiden sitting out here rotting in Southern Oregon. Made some money for the former Soviet Block country that sold it and saved them the disposal costs. It’s known best on the field for being an excellent multi-apartment paperwasp condo.

  2. Alain says:

    Sh… ! I did not get there last summer, and now I’ll miss them forever ! Damn Russian government, which destroys its assets for money !

  3. Madak says:

    I hate to see aircraft scrapped. And I hate to see socially-benificial museums traded for tacky shopping malls. They are just temples to consumerism. But that location has become a dump, and commerce will win the battle with good intentions every time.

  4. madjidt says:

    Should have Ebay’d the stuff. Google F29BU and see what happened to one certain Russian airplane.

  5. madjidt says:

    oops Google N29UB

  6. komar says:

    oh no here in germany you can make money with oldtimer car, tank, helicopter airplan all of USSR.
    :-) :-)

  7. cockatrice says:

    More Beer! Quit wasting all that aluminum, letting it slowly turn back into bauxite out in some field. Melt it all down for decent brew containers and spread the happiness!

  8. Brent says:

    I imagine someone is finally getting around to recycling the massive amount of abandoned and derelict Soviet hardware. They probably said “We need to start scrapping any planes that we don’t plan to sell or use, starting with the Capital” without realizing there were other plans for this location. And once an order like that goes out, it’s probably difficult to quickly get in contact with someone at a high enough level to make an exception.

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