11 The Story of One Hydroelectric Power Station

The Story of One Hydroelectric Power Station

Posted on October 10, 2012 by team

The history of the Cheboksary HPP started in 1931. They wanted to make the deep draft water route to unite the Caspian, Baltic, White and Black Seas. It was planned to make ten waterworks along the whole way. Only three of them were finished before the war. The Cheboksary HPP had to become one of them. The design task was coordinated on the 22 of January, 1967, this day is considered to be the day when the HPP construction was started.

In 1968 they started preparations for building the hydraulic complex.


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11 Responses to “The Story of One Hydroelectric Power Station”

  1. antinevralgic says:

    Russia always had impressive huge structures

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Socialism works!

    • Fred Johnson says:

      Only with the deaths of millions and slave labor.
      Yep, works great then!

    • Tiger says:

      No it doesn´t. Read a history book first. Without the market mechanism you get absurd results.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        Wha? You need to read an economics book, my misguided friend. Here in the “great” U.S. if I’m laid off, it’s “too bad.” In the Soviet Union, you could (almost literally) walk across the street and you’d find another job. I’ve known several workers firsthand who reported this to me. They came here for freedom and found out you’re free and drowning at the same time here in the land of MacDonald’s. (And I’ve read plenty of histories, too.)

        • Tiger says:

          Market mechanism does not necessarility mean deindustrialized and deunionized turbo-capitalism. Either extreme is bad. If you look at Scandinavia or most advanced European countries, clearly there is a third way. The USSR was miles away from having been the workers paradise it claimed to be. People were underpaid, coudln´t buy any thing for their money, afraid to speak up and bullied by the CPUSSR and the secret police. Living conditions were a joke, housing was horrid, environmental protection and labout safety was totally absent. No thank you, nobody needs that.

      • Ortega says:

        Yep, like subprimes or Eurozone today.

        • Tiger says:

          I guess that most inhabitants of the workers paradise would have been glad to enjoy the euro crisis as a nice and comfortable way of living. Why do you think nobody speaks up in Eastern Europe? Because despite all the unemployment and stuff they have never lived better.

  3. Richard S. says:

    On this photo…


    Looks like an image of a ghostly lady on the top lest corner.

  4. MAC says:

    Lots of slave labor or enemies of the state working to the death.

  5. Maxim Ч. says:

    I LOVE Cheboksary!!! Cleanest city in Russia. Cleanest city I have ever seen (and I live in Canada).

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