0 Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Flying Around the Ukrainian Capital

Posted on October 10, 2012 by team

Today we are going to the Nalivaikivka airfield which is located 50 km (30 miles) from Kiev to have an air tour over the Ukrainian capital and see how it looks like in the colors of the golden fall from above.

It writes “Aeroprakt”.

This airfield is a permanently operating place for training, sports, experimental flights by air vehicles like Aeroprakt-20, Aeroprakt-22, hang gliders, trikes, etc.

Sl-122 the bee is some kind of an agricultural airplane. It’s a twin-engine aircraft with modern navigation equipment. It costs $ 79 thousand.
They say it’s the first sample of the model.

This is Aeropakt-22.

K-10 cannot be probably called very reliable. Once it started burining in the air and the pilot hardly managed to save the plane and himself.

It’s the projenitor of the modern Tecnam P2006.
Partenavia P.68 is an Italian six seater (not four as it was in 2006), twin-engine high wing aircraft made by Partenavia, and later by Vulcanair.

This one was produced in 1974.

The agricultural aircraft Sl-122 again.

This is a Skyranger aircraft.

Here they store fuel and other equipment for the planes.


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