29 Russian Navy Got Cracked Iranian Pirates

Russian Navy Got Cracked Iranian Pirates

Posted on October 8, 2012 by team

Once we showed you how the Russian navy was fighting the ship of the Somali pirates. Today we want to show you the rare photos of detention of pirates in the Indian Ocean by the Russian navy sailors. They were taken in 2009 on the large ASW ship “Admiral Panteleev”.

The pirates are sailing under the flag of Iran.

Most of them are from Pakistan and Iran.

But the main executors are Somali pirates.

These are their weapons and some other stuff.

Nearby are the boarding ladders of the pirates.

On the large ASW ship was a Tajik who knew Farsi well that is why the pirates who didn’t understand English had to answer questions anyway.

The effects of drug withdrawal look terrifying.

The Russian sailors were rather kind to share their clothes.

And they gave water to the pirates.

And they let them smoke.

Those pirates who needed medical care got it too.

What do they have on the mind now?

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29 Responses to “Russian Navy Got Cracked Iranian Pirates”

  1. nig says:

    It’s disturbing when I see comments like in the link in the OP, “kill em all” or whatever sadistic CoD boy fantasies some people project. These people would be hunters, fishermen, or maybe even tradesmen if it wasn’t for ongoing toxic dumping and other past exploitation by the west. Your country was born out of this desperation (or the desire to avoid taxes) 100-300 years ago, how is it different today?

    • Fred Johnson says:

      You’re just making excuses for them. “oh yeah if not for the ‘west’ these guys would be working in an office some where!”
      They’re PIRATES!!!! Nothing more than thugs and thieves! they would slit your throat if they had a chance. Most of them HAD money from the piracy, and blew it on whores and drugs. Now, blame THAT on the ‘WEST’.
      You’re just another leftist that simply can’t see the truth in anything. Blaming the “west” for all the worlds problems, when the world would collapse without the west. How about those “mercy’ ships” that provide FREE medical care to anybody that asks for it? Who’s there after a natural disaster?? Yeah… “the west”. And when (if) the don’t show up fast enough? They’re asking “where’s the west! How come they’re not here!? (actually, it’s “where’s America? How come they’re not here?)

      • Máté says:

        Blaming nations aside you know nothing about those people, maybe they have no other choice, or don’t know about them, or they don’t even know their life could be different/better. What if you were born and grew up in a place where you are surrounded by pirates, and where piracy is considered normal? Would you be looking for other opportunities, or do what the (maybe only) people you know do?

        • America says:

          Whatever led them to the lifestyle we know they are pirates now. If you are going to live by the sword then be prepared to die by the sword. No sympathy. eff them.

      • James says:

        Your world might collapse, their’s would change to, but for the better.

  2. Y5K says:

    Are Pakistani and Iranian hostage? Or now pirates have allied force?

  3. George O'Reilly says:

    nig has it right. A man with nothing has nothing to lose.

    • PKN says:

      He has his life to lose, clean up your act or face the consequences.

      • Máté says:

        What if you have to chose between piracy as a living, or starvation?

        • America says:

          If you are going to live by the sword robbing, kidnapping and killing people on the high seas, then be prepared to face the consequences. Their victims do not owe them any sympathy. Just a bullet to the head.

      • James says:

        Why should life matter when a man has nothing?

        • PKN says:

          what is “nothing” when you have life? simpleminded much?

        • PKN says:

          Make no mistake, it is simple greed that makes you pick up arms and charge millions of USD to release hard working folks on a ship. It is and will always remain theft. we have never condoned this behavior, and people like you are the ones holding hands above their heads with nonsense like “they have nothing”. They seemingly have the resources to buy a boat and arms, what if instead of arms they bought fishing equipment for that boat? Oh wait, than they’d have to actually work for their keep, that’s not right. who would wanna work when you can steal?…

      • America says:

        Exactly, if things are so bad that he feels he “has nothing to lose” then he doesn’t value his own life very much, in which case what’s the big deal about confronting him with deadly force when he tries to rob, kidnap, rape or kill you? That’s what happens in the real world. Deal with it.

  4. Sheeteater says:

    Useless people. Throw them to the sharks!

  5. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    “What do they have on the mind now?” Lawyers, guns, and money…

  6. Bollywood Sex God says:

    Shoot the Pakistanis and free the others.

  7. Roar says:

    These are not persians at all! they just put a flag. I do no know how persians look like.

    • Roar says:

      Should be: These are not persians at all! they just put a flag. I do know how persians look like. I know a couple of them

  8. Donald says:

    The one good thing about Russia is that it doesn’t do political correctness, I could just imagine how the EU or the UK would deal with this, all the tax payers money wasted on a court hearing and then one of them would get some other immigrant pregnant on shore and claim the Bill of Human Rights for residency.

    We need to not just stop this immigrant filth getting in but to deport the ones we already have!

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    I’d confine these junior capitalists to a small, dark windowless room and have a monotone narrator reading the entire “Das Kapital” piped into the room in an endless loop.

  10. Roar says:

    Anyway: Persians black? This is already diplomatic scandal. What if there would be a russian flag?

  11. todd says:

    Good on you Russia navy for give things to wear and eat very kind.But give the nothing walk the plank is what they need.

  12. Dr. Dot says:

    I don’t know that they should ‘walk the plank’, largely because then they’d have something to hold on to. Toss them off the boat and let them swim home.

  13. timoulete says:

    “Those pirates who needed medical care got it too”
    Their victims too but probably dead. Strange world

  14. America says:

    @ Máté Burján – The “thinking man” is not above the animals, we are one of them too. The rest of the animal kingdom has it right. When confronted by another who will do you harm you run, fight or die. Not foolishly waste time trying to reason with them.

  15. Misha says:

    The title of this post/article is wrong. The Pirates are Somalians- the hostages are Iranians. Please review and correct it.

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