2 The Factory That Used To Make Porcelain

The Factory That Used To Make Porcelain

Porcelain was obtained in China in 620 and its way of manufacture was kept in secret for many years. European porcelain was obtained much later. In Belarus they have an old factory that keeps manufacturing porcelain in spite of the fact its equipment needs to be replaced for modern one. The process of porcelain manufacturing is very complex and is shown below.

The history of porcelain started in 1883 when pottery industry was started in one of the streets of Belarus.

In 1920 the factory was owned by the Minsk city council of workers and soldier’s deputy. The enterprise was developed fast that time.

After Minsk was freed from the Nazi occupants the factory had to be reconstructed. In 1946 it started producing angular glazed and unglazed tiles.

A gas generator was exploited in 1950 making ceramic baking more successful. Qualitative changes of technological processes lead to re-profiling of the factory that was now busy with porcelain making. 15 March 1951  is the birthday of Belarus porcelain.

The mechanized plant that had to produce 5,4 million pieces of cutlery was put into effect in 1979.

A block of additional works with the area of 6000 square meters was put into effect in 1983. The factory continued its development till 1990.

Today the following works are located on the territory of the factory: hollow construction shop, flat constructions shop, radioceramics shop, firebrick shop and laboratories.

The factory was closed in 2009. According to the official reason, it operated at a loss for many years.

Year of production 1977, item number 8, order number 2031210, mass 5157 kg (11370 ft).


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  1. George O'Reilly says:

    It is so dismaying to see factory after factory dead or dying. The thousands of lives concerned, the children raised, all gone. Where did the people go? What happened to their families?

  2. todd says:

    how true George.This isnt the only one as you no.

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