29 Russian Strategic Missile Forces In One Place

Russian Strategic Missile Forces In One Place

Posted on October 4, 2012 by team

We are back at the Museum of the strategic missile forces near Pervomaisk. In the Soviet times it was a super-secret rocket base. Here used to stand missiles with nuclear warheads aiming at the USA. Today there is a museum in this place. One can see, touch everything and even push that very “red button”.

It says: “Attention! Do not stand at the door.”

There are few museums like this in the whole world. But this one is the only created on the basis of the real rocket military unit. After the collapse of the USSR Ukraine had only 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Nearly half of them were located near Pervomaisk.

No stranger can enter the territory of the base. Around there are lots of seismic sensors, a radio ray detection system, an electrical grid and even a minefield.

Models of the former military unit, standard exhibits of WWII, some documents and other stuff.

This is a model of a command post.

And it’s the model of the underground command post. In fact it’s the metal twelve-level container hung in the standard missile silos. The lowest level is thirty three meters deep (108 ft).

The main exhibit of the museum – RS-20 “Voevoda”. In the classification of NATO it is called SS-18 “Satan”.

The missile weighs 211 tons, it is 34 meters long (111 ft) and three meters in the diameter (9 ft). Maximum shooting range is 15 000 km (9320 miles). Inside it has ten warheads with an explosive equivalent of 750 kilotons each. Three missiles like this are enough to destroy Ukraine, for example.


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29 Responses to “Russian Strategic Missile Forces In One Place”

  1. Mike says:

    Just think of all the tremendous amount of time, energy, effort and money spent on ways and means to kill one another. The Bible is SO accurate in descrbing mankind–fallen, sinful, right from birth even. There is something very sick and wrong with humankind

    • N says:

      After all, those missiles are rusting in a museum… We are also good from birth – and not that stupid to really push a grey button.

    • America says:

      Their is also something very sick and wrong with a religion that quietly condones the reassignment of priests to a new parish when they’ve used their position and influence to sexually and mentally abuse children/teens too, Or conspired to ship pregnant teens off to some discrete location to keep them quite while they give birth out of sight and out of mind, after the’ve been victimized by the clergy. Just sayin’…those that wrote the Bible (please don’t tell me you believe it’s literally the word of God) are no better then those they judge so harshly.

  2. Osip says:

    Marvelous cut viewable rocket motors left to the elements? WTF?!

  3. ausGeoff says:

    You’ve missed the point entirely Mike (11:12PM, Oct 4). NONE of these weapons was ever used to kill people; they were all built primarily by the USA and the USSR as deterrents to avoid that very thing.

    You’re obviously too young to remember the Cold War years.

    And to claim any authority from the bible regarding mankind’s morals or ethics is ludicrous. You need to read your own bible a little more closely to see the numerous passages that condone killing. And that’s assuming that you can’t accept it as being a glorified fairy story.

    And I’m positive that the poorly educated scribes who cobbled the fictions of the bible together had no concept of nuclear weapons – or any weapons of mass destruction! It was all slings and arrows in those days.

    One of the main wrongs with mankind is people (such as yourself) who believe the bible’s content literally. You’re far more dangerous than any ICBM in fact.

  4. rtqwd$ says:

    Command post has to be converted into datacenter – cool, an it can offset some maintenance expenses. They can do nice datacenter there. I already invented name – “Rocket data”

  5. banana says:

    in engineering terms this is incredible stuff. and for it to be on display too.

  6. sauron says:

    Some parts of this look very similar to the Titan Missile Museum in Tucson, AZ.

  7. Nobody says:

    Aren’t the Japanese still dying from the atomic bombs the Russians dropped in WWII?

    • 99darkness99 says:

      That was WWI and a singularity bomb, and it was Chinese made. Shame on you not to know that

      • Exadios says:

        You are both wrong. It was the North Vietnamese who dropped atomic bombs on Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor – a day that will live in infamy!

  8. timoulete says:

    Of course, that’s freak but some humans are more freak than you that’s why people make these things. Fear making horrible stuff like this

  9. Steamed McQueen says:

    So very, very similar to the U.S-based underground silos. Makes one wonder who was spying on whom?

    Saw the same thing in the Russian vs. U.S. space flight control centers. So much alike it almost appeared to have been built in the same place.

  10. SSSR says:

    Has the doomsday clock hit noon yet?

  11. (r)evolutionist says:

    Aim the missiles for Wall Street.

  12. TropicalStorm says:

    When the threat is similar, the precaution or protective action one needs would have been similar.
    Awesome pictures. Wonder why other nations haven’t learnt a lesson from all this. Even the US is saddled with thousands of nukes that are simply rotting in place with no one to fry.

    • America says:

      As long as other less then stable an unfriendly nations have nuclear weapons, or are working toward them, then ours are not rotting in their bull pens. They are doing their job at deterrence. If anything i believe the risk of nuclear was is greater since the end of the cold war. Unilateral disarmament and hoping for the best isn’t the solution.

  13. Maddcowe says:

    I like the touch with the photos and data on various US weapons shown in the picture of the command post. When I was in the US Navy, we did the exact same thing on the submarines I was on, except with Soviet/Russian systems (and later, Chinese)!

  14. SSSR says:

    There are,or were,some Russian bombs being used for fuel in American power plants,maybe American bombs are also being used.

  15. Pedja says:

    Looking at the missiles, I wonder what would have happened if Serbia had the SS-18.

  16. Mke Talino says:

    Why Ukrainian coat of arms is there?

    • America says:

      Pervomaisk is in “The Ukraine” as the Soviets used to say. It is the post break-up “Trident” small coat of arms (used 1992 onward). The coat of arms of the Ukrainian SSR was completely different.

      My guess is their newfound sense of nationalism led them to put it up in the immediate wake of the break-up, before the base was decommissioned. But who knows…

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