2 How Road Tunnels Are Made

How Road Tunnels Are Made

Posted on October 3, 2012 by team

Today Sochi is a place where a lot of construction projects are being realized before the winter Olympics in 2014. Here we are going to see how they are building road tunnels in the city applying new technologies.

They use a drilling rig for horizontal drilling. Then they insert the fiberglass pipes into the drilled holes.

The new technology is used for the first time in Russia. It is already widely applied in Europe. Such method of construction allows to produce works in soft soil in a more effective way. They strengthen the soil with a shield made from the pipes which helps to minimize the risk of slide and makes the work in the tunnel safer.

Then they are pumping cement into the pipes to form a special protective shield that will let making the tunnel heading at the full section.


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2 Responses to “How Road Tunnels Are Made”

  1. The Weight of the World says:

    Looks like rape of the mountain.
    The air the workers must breath is well dusty.

  2. yagur says:

    Short sleeves, no masks, no ear protection???
    Russian slaves…

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