1 More Helicopters Left To Die

More Helicopters Left To Die

Posted on October 2, 2012 by team

The airfield had appeared near Kinel-Cherkassy village in the 1940s. Later, in the 1960s, they opened a training centre and brought many military flying vehicles there.

In 2009-2010 this place was abandoned by the Russian army, the only thing they left was the name – airfield Tolkai.

1-3 are residential houses.

4- aircraft parking.

5-6 – aircraft cemetery.

7 – runway.

8 – headquarters, barracks and other parts of the infrastructure.

9-10 – warehouses.

Here is a closer view.

There are five Mi-26 planes standing in the field here. They are considered to be the largest serial transport helicopters in the world.

The airfield is guarded. By one old man and his bicycle. The man even has no dog.

The main part of the vehicles were taken away in the end of 2009 to the famous “cutting board” of Samara that delivers metal scrap to Cherepovets – one of the largest metallurgical centres of Russia.

Today about 35 helicopters stand on the territory of the former training base.

The base was not too large so there were only three dwelling-houses nearby. People who lived there had no schools, kindergartens, clubs, departments stores: nothing that is normal for a small town. However these houses adjoined Kinel-Cherkassy, the town with population of nineteen thousand people. It helped them not to turn into ruins like many other cantonments did.

They tried to save money while building the houses – all the main communications were not even hidden under the ground.

The houses are mainly inhabited by military pensioners. They still have heat and electricity but don’t understand whom they pay to for utilities. Besides, the houses still belong to the Ministry of Defence and the people cannot privatize the apartments.

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    There’s only 316 Mi-26’s have been built and a lot of them are just collecting dust somewhere, some in chernobyl, some in russia.

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