11 Amazing Russian Design of the Late 19th Century

Amazing Russian Design of the Late 19th Century

Posted on October 1, 2012 by team

The Russian architecture of the pre-revolutionary period can be highlighted as a separate type. Here we have collected a lot of pictures of Russian churches, country houses, fishing houses, theatrical decorations and household items: they all belong to that very period of Russia before the communist revolution.

Fishing house stand at the water.

The box that might keep some treasures.

The country house that even does not look real.

Another country house has many interesting details.

Toilets were so cool!

It must be nice to wash at such a wash-stand.

This is a detail of a country house.

People used to visit bath houses very often.

Another bath house that resembles some fairy tale palace.


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11 Responses to “Amazing Russian Design of the Late 19th Century”

  1. whistleblower says:

    amazing and very beautiful, a pity that Russia is no longer that of the past years, only a concrete desert…

  2. AnthonyP says:

    Very Victoria Gothic with a Russian Twist or should I say Tsar twist?

  3. Maria van Overbeek says:

    It looks pretty ridicule to me……

  4. daniel says:

    I think this is all computer generated images CG. through a cad software. Strange how the sun is always shining from the same angel in the photos and the image color pattern is similar and the over all ” look “. I work doing CG with a CAD tool and this can all be done with simple render tool and a vector generated drawing software .

  5. Erik says:

    Beautiful! These things should be built!

  6. supplyme says:

    What you are forgetting to say is that these kinds of buildings would only be built for the smallest part of the russian population… most of the people lived in wooden huts (farmers) or in overcrowded, dirty, small flats (workers) without running water or heating!
    I like the buildings you posted here, but please always keep in mind their purpose.

    • Joel says:

      Why would he need to point this out? That isn’t the point of the post. This post is to simply show examples of beautiful architecture found in Russia. Whether or not it is widespread throughout the land is irrelevant.

  7. guest says:

    Looks like the LOTR set (Rohan)

  8. Tolis says:

    The Hyperborean way of Greek Byzantine Architecture!

  9. Bruce says:

    Well, the drawings are well-crafted, especially the animals and people, but the architectural sensibility is truly primitive with all those vertical edifices stuck on willy nilly. Sometimes the proportions are simply ugly, the lines forming a patchwork without a sense of whole. Nutty waste of craftsmanship. But thank you for posting. It is interesting indeed.

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