9 The Main Battle Against France Turns 200

The Main Battle Against France Turns 200

This must have been one of the largest staged historical battle in Russia. Several thousands of people from more than 120 military and historic clubs of Russia, the USA, Canada and European countries took part in it. The Battle of Borodino fought on September 7, 1812, was the largest and
bloodiest single-day action of the French invasion of Russia and all Napoleonic Wars, involving more than 250,000 troops and resulting in at least 70,000 casualties. This reconstruction was devoted to the 200th anniversary of the battle. It's going to be a real time journey!

8 Ukrainian Captain Nemo Builds His Own Submarine

Ukrainian Captain Nemo Builds His Own Submarine

A guy from Odessa whose name is Vasily Chikur has designed and built a cool single-seater submarine. It has already successfully passed several tests at the shore of the Black Sea. Vasily even demonstrated
several tricks like sailing under the rescue boat whose passengers were watching the experiment. According to Vasily if he uses a dry accumulator he could rotate along the fore-and-aft axis.
17 Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting used to be essential for life in the past as it saved people from hunger and cold. Today it is mainly used for entertainment. A hunting ground next to Atyrau, Kazakhstan that was opened last spring offers anyone to become a hunter. Hunting has never been that easy. It rather looks like a shooting range,
but instead of plastic rabbits you get live phesants grown specially at a farm. When a client arrives a phesant is let into the open space fenced from both sides where the bird even has no trees to sit on. The scared birds rush away from a next group of the armed visitors with dogs.
11 Against the Laws of Physics

Against the Laws of Physics

Strange things are happening in the Obluchensky district of the Jewish Autonomous Region of Russia (yeah there is one):
the stream flows uphill breaking all the laws of physics! One of the locals has shot several videos to prove it.
2 Explosions For Movies

Explosions For Movies

Have you ever seen how they make explosions for movies? Today we'll go to a set of a Russian movie about the events that took place during
the battle for a Russian city Stalingrad. It's always interesting to spend some time backstage and watch how magic is happening.
91 Kurgan City

Kurgan City

How different are Russian provincial cities from the capital? We decided to go further from Moscow and visit one of them. Kurgan is an
important economic, scientific and cultural centre of Ural, a large transport node, it is listed among other historic cities of Russia.
11 Cool Wooden Dashboard

Cool Wooden Dashboard

We have already seen the car decorated with wood from outside. Now some inner decoration. The owner of this car is rather proud of his work. He has carved a fully wooden dashboard
and probably nobody can boast of anything like this. Everything is in its place - TV set, radio, rear view camera. The glove compartment is decorated with a squirrel.

26 Soviet Tourists in Germany, 1945

Soviet Tourists in Germany, 1945

Last week we showed you some photos taken by the Germans in the city of Soviet Ukraine in 1942. Closer to 1945 Soviets paid a return visit to Berlin. There were
no direct flights then and even if there were few, it was not enough for all who wished to go to the German capital, so the people chose tanks...

2 Scribble Portraits From Twin Artists

Scribble Portraits From Twin Artists

These two artists are not very famous yet. They are twin brothers Sergey and Vyachelav Sevelievs. Their techique is pretty much different from what we have used to see in
art. They create portraits of celebrities drawing them with scribbles. Their creative duet is called "SaveL". The brothers use ordinary color pens and pencils.
62 Time to Study!

Time to Study!

The school year has recently begun so here are the photos of one school in the Moscow region. Here you can
check out how Russian schoolchildren study, what equipment they are provided, where they eat and train.

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