19 In the Very Heart of the Russian Buddhism

In the Very Heart of the Russian Buddhism

This buddhist monastery is located not far from Ulan-Ude, a Siberian city. It can be considered the centre of the Russian Buddhism. The monastery is
represented by several temples and plain wooden cottages. Only some architectural details and monks in red cloaks remind you that it is a buddhist place.
25 One Regiment During WWI

One Regiment During WWI

Below are the pictures of the 39th Tomsk infantry regiment that participated in battles of WWI. By the way the regiment had been very old. Its soldiers even fought in the battles
against France in 1812 near Borodino. These rare photos show how the soldiers used to fight, what weapons they used, what uniform they had on during World War the First.
39 Thrill Seeker From Kiev

Thrill Seeker From Kiev

Someone can't even stand on the balcony of a high-rise building, others jump from one roof onto another one. But when does courage
turn into folly? This guy from Kiev seems to have no fear at all. As for me, I feel giddy just looking at these photos...
8 Bottle Caps As a House Decoration

Bottle Caps As a House Decoration

One woman from Kamarchaga village of the Krasnoyarsk region whose name is Olga Kostina is beautifying her house in quite an original way. She uses
bottle caps to decorate the house from outside. Matching the caps of different colors she depicts nice patterns, images of animals and plants.

7 Russki Start-up

Russki Start-up

Well, not really a start up. It's a largest known Russian language search engine website. Got out to IPO, worth a billion now, has offices in San Francisco. And this one is an office in
St. Petersburg. Its area is 3,300 m2 (10,826 ft). One of the corridors is 200 m (656 ft) long! But it's cool not only because of its size, its design is also unusual.
50 The Largest Asbestos Pit In The World

The Largest Asbestos Pit In The World

The asbestos open pit we are going to visit today is the richest pit in the world that lacks crocidolite and tremolite - substances harmful
for people. The deposit was opened in 1885 during development of gold placer. The first tones of asbestos were extracted in 1889.
4 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XI

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XI

In the selection of video awesomeness today: the great escape of geese from the truck, a combine that frightened some rider so much that he fell
from the motorcycle, another driver who confuses pedals of brake and gas, a very hardworking KAMAZ and a helicopter flying too low over cars.
9 Three Factories of a Sad Destiny

Three Factories of a Sad Destiny

These are three abandoned places located in different places of the Moscow region. The only common thing about them is that
they are all factories that used to be needed in the past. Unfortunately, the situation is not like this anymore.
63 Hunger In Kharkiv 1933

Hunger In Kharkiv 1933

For all its history the world knew many periods of starvation. But the period 1932-1933 in Russia was characterized by the first "organized" starvation when the political factor was the dominant one, prevailing above all others. It was not caused by any natural disaster as it had been a number of times before. The are many versions explaining the reasons of the hunger in Ukraine 1932-33. Bad harvest, catastrophic
situation with the Ukrainian agriculture, bad management in the fields, lame planning and control of the situation etc. But more often it's the government of the USSR that is blamed for what happened. Its actions are widely believed to be intentional and are even often called "pacification by hunger". The Soviet authorities allegedly planned to liquidate the ethnicity of the Ukrainian nation.
26 Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

Russian Navy VS Somali Pirates

This is a rare video where a ship of the Russian navy is fighting with Somali pirates. Though the battle rather looks like beating. Shabby little
boat of the corsairs is being under fire with no chances to survive. Luckily for the pirates this time they avoided boarding and arrest.

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