3 Aint Gonna Fly Anymore

Aint Gonna Fly Anymore

Now we are going to a warehouse that is actually abandoned. Many people come nearby everyday without even knowing that the facade of a
4-storey house with conditioners hides airplanes covered with dust. But can the old parts of the planes be used in future projects?

24 Aliens On Earth

Aliens On Earth

If you want to become famous and well-paid, do something absurd. No, really, it's what I thought when saw these "masterpieces" first. A Ukrainian
artist Vasiliy Tsagolov does not have his own website or promoters, but it doesn't prevent him from selling his pictures for 100.000 dollars.
15 Old Pencil Making Factory

Old Pencil Making Factory

Everybody knows how to use a pencil. People treat it as something very usual and useful. But only few have ever thought of how complex
the manufacturing process of pencils can be. A Moscow factory has been dealing with the process of pencil production since 1926.
12 History Frozen In the Metal

History Frozen In the Metal

The place you see in the picture used to be a metallurgical plant in the past. It is located in the city of Nizhny Tagil and currently represents
history frozen in the metal. The plant is located on a huge area and contains several workshops, blast furnaces, and a huge surrounding territory.
8 Toilets In the Subway Tunnels

Toilets In the Subway Tunnels

You probably know that subway in large cities can serve as a shelter in case of any emergency situations like a nuclear way or something. If something like this happens the subway becomes overcrowded. So if these tunnels become the only place for people to hide from aliens or bombing they should
have toilets there to avoid at least one problem that's very urgent sometimes. Yes, they really exist. Built back in the times of Stalin they are located underground and wait for an hour when they will be able to receive crowds of Moscow citizens, not occasional visitors.

30 Iron Birds In the Clear Sky

Iron Birds In the Clear Sky

Dyagilevo is an air base in Ryazan, Russia. There is a museum of long-range aviation there, but we are not going to visit it
today again. We gonna spend some time at the airfield of Dyagilevo instead and look at various planes flying over there.
14 Moscow Showroom 2012

Moscow Showroom 2012

Luxury cars can be frequently met on the streets of Moscow. But this showroom is the place where we can see them close alltogether. Soon they will appear on roads of
other Russian cities. Of course, you can't touch some ... but looking on the pictures can give an idea. No girls today, just cars and one cheesy joke below.
7 The Wild Twisted River of Russia

The Wild Twisted River of Russia

Kotuikan river is located in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. It is 237 km (147 miles) long. Its catchment area is almost four thousand square kilometres (2,5 thousand of miles). In summer the river becomes more shallow and its body starts
looking different. The twisted artery cuts the Anabar plateau into intricate patterns, reveals ancient rock formations and attracts numerous tourists who should put their tents high over the water and fix their rafts well.
6 DIY Wedding Rings

DIY Wedding Rings

It's nice to be a jeweller. Especially if you are going to get married. You can save some
money and make rings that nobody has. Here's what Julia and Alexey exactly did.
4 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Today in the video selection: soup from the menu of Moscow Kremlin soldiers, a man who performs functions of a road roller, a dangerous sideslip that could end
really bad, a guy who has just come out from another planet and still hasn't come to consciousness, a soldier who lifts and throws a table with his teeth!

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