3 The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

The jeep of Zheleznogorsk's mayor could seriously suffer from the lightning. However it damaged only the on-board computer of
the jeep. The driver and the passenger didn't suffer. They say that the mayor himself was not in the car at that moment.
18 Not Easy To Be a Teacher

Not Easy To Be a Teacher

Teaching those who don't want to be taught is thankless. But how much can one stand from his
ingrate students? If young people do not want to get education should anyone insist? You decide.

3 Let the Train Burn

Let the Train Burn

Cameras are often at the places people do not expect. But even if they know about a cam shooting them they do not often bother. A few
more videos: professional ones (from a traffic police officer, employees of a supermarket, railwaymen) and a bit more today...
10 One Ordinary Day of a Department Head

One Ordinary Day of a Department Head

There is a community where anybody could post their own photos of how they spent one day of their lives. Lot of different people post stuff, but once almost all of the visitors got surprised as they opened the website for this: real governmental authority, a head of mass media
department, posted his private photos by himself starting on how he wakes up semi-naked in his bed and then all the things he did throughout the day. Captions and jokes for those photos are by the state official himself unchanged, only translated in English.

43 One Unusual Field

One Unusual Field

Chita, Zabaikalsk region. This field is located on the territory of one plant. Old military equipment is left there to end its days under the
open sky. They say that the Russian Ministry of Defence does not order new equipment like this, they only repair some old vehicles.
2 Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

You are about to see a few more cool moments captured often accidentally by the all-seeing eyes of the contemporary video and photo logging devices we used
to call cameras. How about making a video of your cool friend galloping on a trike and then suddenly.... Or a few more crazy stories are inside.
3 Inhabitants Of The White Sea

Inhabitants Of The White Sea

This summer the White Sea was filled with jelly-fish. A jelly-fish has 24 eyes and its body consists of water for 95%. As soon as the creature comes to the coast in
a wave it dies getting dried in the sun without water. The photos below were taken during a small excursion into the world of the beautiful creatures. 
21 Downshifting In Russia

Downshifting In Russia

Not far from the busy and crowded Moscow there appear new settlements of people who leave big cities and refuse usual comforts, make their first steps to countryside life. Some of them live here all year around, others part of a year. They develop permanent agriculture, build adobe and straw houses, apply
alternative energy resources, ranch. This trend is new to Russia and is yet developing. Not everyone can buy a house or practice in construction of it for several months. Nevertheless the settlements become bigger, new people keep coming. We gonna show one of such settlements called "Glorious".
8 Asian City Of The Russian Empire

Asian City Of The Russian Empire

The Russian Empire existed from 22 October 1721 until 1917 when a Soviet Republic was announced. It was the third largest Empire in history after the Britain and
Mongol ones with its Emperor having an absolute power. The city of Tashkent photos of which is presented below was one of its possessions in the East.

14 The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

The Ancient Monastery of Armenia

Armenia has a number of monasteies dated the IX-XI centuries. Many of them have been important spiritual centers of the country. In the epoch of feodalism development they even had high schools where students were taught historiography, literature, philosophy, theology, music, miniature painting and other sciences. That's why they had to
build special houses for books storage. Such houses were characterized by folk architecture made with stone. Tatev monastery was exactly one of them.It's the monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church situated in the south-east of Armenia, near Tatev village and not so far from Yerevan - the capital of Armenia.

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