2 Underground Time Travel

Underground Time Travel

To get into the past you don't have to build a time machine or conjure, it's enough to go down at a dark night as deep as your fear allows you, and
then climb as higher as you can. This is how some guys went back to the times of the 1960s, to the communist past of Soviet miners.

7 Crazy Moments of My Life

Crazy Moments of My Life

Almost everyone has crazy shots in his / her photo albums or hidden somewhere from people's eyes, but not everyone dares share them
in the Internet and read what others think about it. Though such shots keep appearing in social networks making us laugh.
10 Dish of the Fall: Stuffed Peppers

Dish of the Fall: Stuffed Peppers

Fall is generous time giving us plenty of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc. It's the time when cooking from vegetables becomes tasty and cheap. So we are about to stuff some peppers and cook them with two
types of sauce. The first, made from tomatoes and other vegetables, will be used for stewing, the second, spicy one with concasse tomatoes, is going to be served with the ready dish as a garnish.
5 Funny Bungee Jumper

Funny Bungee Jumper

When we finally approach the very edge we don't always find courage to step down. This guy is having his first experience of bungee jumping and he is really nervous. He simply cannot hide his
emotions, when he finally jumps his eyes go so far apart. Will it end successfully? If you want to skip all the preparations and see the jump only, start seeing from 1:40.

8 Summer Shore of the White Sea

Summer Shore of the White Sea

One can get here only by plane. Several times in a summer a barge sails here too, but nobody knows its schedule so it doesn't count. Here, at the shore of the White Sea, is a
village and a river named both in the same way - Letnyaa Zolotitsa (Summer Gold). Many of those who have been in this place describe it as fantastically beautiful.
9 Have a Lesson of Literature

Have a Lesson of Literature

Everyone may have a bad day. And sometimes, even if you don't want to do anything at all, you have to get up and go to work. But nowadays one has to be aware that almost everyone around has a cam and will be there
to take some photos or shoot a video about you. If the day was really bad you gonna find this memorable stuff in the Internet very soon. So, once, one teacher of literature had a bad bad day...
5 The Dog That Was a Monk In Its Previous Life

The Dog That Was a Monk In Its Previous Life

You are about to see either the most stupid dog or the wisest one. It doesn't give a damn about anything that happens next to it. Maybe
the dog has reached the enlightment or it doesn't want to live anymore. The awesome doggie and some more in the videos of today.
18 Flying Over the Kremlin

Flying Over the Kremlin

The Kremlin in the city of Kazan is a unique historical, architectural and cultural complex which combines both Christian and Moslim, Russian and Tatar motives. The
Kremlin is situated on the high left bank of the Volga river and left bank of the Kazanka river. We are going to have a helicopter tour over the Kremlin now.

15 Giant Sinkhole in Perm. Again

Giant Sinkhole in Perm. Again

In the city of Berezniki of the Perm region, Russia, there have already happened four soil collapses. The first one shocked the city in 2006, the
second appeared in 2007 and it was not the last one... During the last collapse several heavy machines and one person went underground.
7 Drilling Wells of Russia

Drilling Wells of Russia

We are about to see how they are planting numerous drilling rigs there. It's the business of huge profit, the business that is
widely discussed at all levels. But we are going to see just the technical side of it ... and a bit of local nature.

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