38 Swimming In The Frost

Swimming In The Frost

The swimming pool in Moscow was built at the place of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour that had been demolished in 1930. The construction started in 1958 and in 1960 the swimming pool welcomed
its first visitors. That was the largest swimming pool in the USSR and one of the biggest pools in the world that time. Today it is just a history as the construction was demolished.
6 At the Water Bottling Plant

At the Water Bottling Plant

Moneral water bottling plant "Omsky" began working in 1973. It has been using the artesian well 1506 m (4940 ft) deep that was
opened in 1963. According to the hydrologists study the approximate age of the water in the well is 105 million years.

8 What I See From An Airplane Window

What I See From An Airplane Window

We often plan vacations, choose countries where to go. We take cameras with us and usually start using them only upon arrival. And in vain. Because in such a way we risk to miss the most
interesting shots, breathtaking views that can be photographed from a plane. One Russian photographer always has his cam with him when he flies. Here are some of his shots.
1 Not a Place For Jogging

Not a Place For Jogging

For some unknown reason one guy confused a park with a carriageway where he came for jogging. The tram driver
decided to teach him a lesson. This video and other cool moments caught these day here and there by Russians.
10 Flying Over the Untouched Land

Flying Over the Untouched Land

This summer was a hard time for the land of Kazakhstan. It brought various incidents which ended with a terrible fire that destroyed one of the most beautiful places of Central Asia - mountain resort Medeo. Many zones are still under the threat of fire.
Planes kept flying over the region for all the summer period and one journalist often joined them to collect some material about the nature of south-east Kazakhstan and take photos of the region. Some of them are presented in this post.

26 Splendid House of Scientists

Splendid House of Scientists

Lviv, Ukraine, is a nice city with cool old architecture. Today we are going to visit a House of Scientists which
is located in Lviv. Its interiors are even richer than those of some average palaces. Check out yourself.

4 Hobo Break Dancer

Hobo Break Dancer

Sometimes it's enough to take a camera and go for a walk along your native city to catch some cool moments to shoot. One of
such moments was caught in a Moscow park: a positive guy was dancing to some ethnic music in a cool robot disco style.

9 The Two In the Ghost Place

The Two In the Ghost Place

We've got used to the fact that all photos from Chernobyl, the ghost city of Ukraine, look abandoned. A photojournalist Diana Markosian visited the place where in 1986 happened the terrible catastrophe. Many years after, the village called
Redkovka, that is also a part of the exclusion zone, is still inhabited by people. The village used to be big, today it is almost empty, only few families live there. This story is about pensioners Lidia and Mikhail.
4 Chasing the White Rabbit

Chasing the White Rabbit

What are they going to do with these hard-working white rabbits? Maybe they are
running to help them? This video and some others in the video selection of today.
1 Come Sail to the New Airport

Come Sail to the New Airport

The other day a newly built airport of Vladivostok, the city in the Russian Far East, could welcome not only planes but small boats as
well. Heavy showers have turned the city into Russian Venice. The drainage system of Vladivostok didn't manage with such a flood.

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