2 Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Russia represents its own type of super hero: Tentman! Maybe he's not giving much hope to save the world if the
world needs it, but it will make people laugh. See the funny super hero and other cool video moments below.

48 The First Day of a Muslim

The First Day of a Muslim

Young boys in Muslim families have such a period in their lives when they wear girl's dresses. It means they have just undergone the circumcision rite. Of course other children do not lose a chance to make fun of them,
but all these physical and moral sufferings are soon rewarded with a stack of bills. We want you to see now how they arrange one of the most important rites in life of every Muslim - circumcision.
2 Craziness, Part 1

Craziness, Part 1

Some pictures do not need words and do not need a background story. They speak for themselves and make it
pretty much clear where are they from. Here we collected some of such pictures just for your fun.
7 We Have Found the Luckiest Guy Ever!

We Have Found the Luckiest Guy Ever!

How lucky can a living person be? We are always amazed by those who survive in situations where they seemingly don't have a single chance. You are
going to see one of them right now - the luckiest guy and some more funny moments caught on cameras in the video selection of today.
10 The City of Mines

The City of Mines

Degtyarsk is an industrial city of Russia. The main industry there is mining and processing of copper. They also have a garment factory and a
bakery there. Degtyarsk is often characterized by its red lakes and slagheaps. We gonna show some abandoned shops and mines of the city.
124 Soviet Bombers Today

Soviet Bombers Today

We are back at the Engels air base in the Saratov region. This place has always a lot to show but this time we are going to concentrate on the two airplanes: Tu-95MS
(a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform) and Tu-160 (a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber).
2 Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Not far from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) there is a village where one local man started his own business of paper production using an old technology. It could help him to earn and could be interesting for tourists. The old
technology needed some restoration. It was invented by the Chinese long long ago. The paper made this way is called Samarkand silk paper today. But everything turned out to be not so complicated.
10 Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Gas masks are often seen as attributes of some plants or shelters. They are purchased by a city or a company in accordance with regulations of civil defence and safety measures in emergency situations.  But where do they come from? From
plants where they are produced, of course. The USSR has such plants almost in every region, but today most of them do not function anymore. One of the abandoned places where gas masks were produced is on the photos below.
16 At the Helm of the Tank

At the Helm of the Tank

Have you ever thought how it feels to be at the helm of an infantry fighting vehicle? Might be an exciting journey especially if
you first ram thru a forest and then need to cross a lake in a gang of three more of such. Take a look: it's all here.
0 Lasso Rescue of the Moose

Lasso Rescue of the Moose

When people try to rescue animals from some troubles the last ones are not always grateful for this. They can even escape without any
"thanks" and take something that belonged to the rescuers. Ungrateful moose and other funny videos in the selection of today.

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