7 The Modern Russian Hydroplant

The Modern Russian Hydroplant

We are about to visit the largest hydro power plant in the Russian Far East and one of the most modern power
plants in Russia. It is also one of the nodal power plants of the Far Eastern power supply system.
11 Cool Dancing Flashmob

Cool Dancing Flashmob

Citizens of Novosibirsk held a cool flashmob involving everyone around into dancing. Even the police officers
who seemingly came to restore the order could not resist the fun. Maybe they will make you smile as well.
12 One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

Taimyr peninsular is the northernmost mainland. Further are only scattered little islands and the Arctic Ocean. Here starts the Anabar plateau - terra incognita, practically unpopulated area, the poorly studied region. This land is characterized by the largest livestock of migratory deer herds, the angriest bears, the tastiest grayling and trout, the purest nature. There
are no roads and airfields here. For all the history of our planet here have been fewer people than on the Everest. What an interesting expedition to this land must be! Bloggers from Russia decided to travel there for rafting on the Kotuikan river, enjoying the untouched nature, living in tents. Check out some photographs from the journey.
17 Tank Repair Shop of Today

Tank Repair Shop of Today

Fortunately, tanks are not widely used today for their intended purpose. Some of them serve as monuments, participate in military parades, others are just
left to decay. The lucky ones come to places like this where they get some care. See the photos from the tank repair shop in Chita, Zabaikalsk.
6 Best Massage For a Kitty

Best Massage For a Kitty

Did you know that cats might enjoy a vacuum cleaner massage? It helps to relax in the end of a hard day, improves circulation and promotes good sleep. Try it once, and
if your pet is not frightened by the noise of the vacuum cleaner it will ask for some more. The funny cat and other cool videos are in the post below.
5 Final Destination In Real Life

Final Destination In Real Life

Have you seen a movie "Final destination"? If you have, you might remember when a truck with logs caused the terrible
accident. However it may happen not only in a movie, but real life as well. Like it happened near Odessa, Ukraine.
22 A Challenge For Two Hummers

A Challenge For Two Hummers

These guys decided to check what their Hummers are capable of. Probably the results
were quite disappointing for them. Who will come to help them out after all?

13 Best Snack For Beer Is Right Here

Best Snack For Beer Is Right Here

This post is for those who like beer and appropriate snacks. We are going to visit one market in Odessa, Ukraine, to be more
precise - it's fish department. This place has been rather popular since the times of the USSR. It has a special atmosphere.
8 Huge Plant From Above

Huge Plant From Above

We have already seen this factory and its abandoned shops. They could suit perfectly for some
shooting decorations or games. Now we are about to see the plant from another angle - from above.

9 The First Russian Submarine

The First Russian Submarine

The first submarine appeared in Russia in the times of Peter the Great, in 1721. It used to be called "a hidden vessel". The submarine was tested in presence of the emperor himself not far from St.
Petersburg. It was the place where appeared a new city - Sestroretsk which is a big resort today. Until recently nothing had reminded of the first Russian submarine tests. But everything has changed.

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