5 Rise From the Dead to Propose

Rise From the Dead to Propose

A guy from Omsk wanted to be sure that his girlfriend loved him as much as he loved her. He decided to propose her in an unusual way: he was going to fake his death in an accident. The guy hired the whole team to realize the plan: a stage director, a camera operator, stuntmen and a makeup artist. When the girl arrived at the place of "the
accident" she saw her boyfriend bleeding on the ground. "Doctors" told her he was dead and she burst into tears. While she was crying her revived boyfriend kneeled to propose her. The girl was furious but finally accepted the offer. The guy says he wants her to know how empty and meaningless her life would be without him.
1 German Tourists In a Ukrainian City of 1942

German Tourists In a Ukrainian City of 1942

Dnipropetrovsk is a Ukraine's fourth largest city, with one million inhabitants. A vital industrial centre of Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk was one of the key centres of the nuclear, arms, and space industries of the former Soviet Union. Because of its military industry, Dnipropetrovsk was a closed city until the 1990s. In
1942 Ukraine was almost fully captured by the Reich, the occupied cities were full of Germans. However some people looked for adventures even then. They were ready to go to "the wild country" already captured by the "cultured" nazi troops. Such photos were used to be brought from such trips.

3 In the Village of Miniature Painters

In the Village of Miniature Painters

Twenty kilometres from Moscow, in a small cosy village Fedoskino, there is a historical centre of lacquer miniature founded by merchant Peter Korobov in 1795. There is also an art school in the village where young people can
master various specialties. Many students of the school are members of the whole dinasties who were or still are painters of unique Fedoskino craft. Here you may see how they create their sketches and paintings.
6 The Museum In A Submarine

The Museum In A Submarine

Today can see what submarines look like from the inside. Welcome to a museum based inside a submarine boat. It
sails in the waters of Khimki water reservoir (the Moscow region) and everybody is invited to the place.
7 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Today in the video: a crow breaking a windshield, very weird pedestrians of Moscow, dancers who seem to be
immortal, a tsar's carriage on the modern road, a brave schoolgirl who revenges an angry teacher of English.
18 Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Mansion of a Russian Banker Back In the XIX Century

Baron Alexander von Stieglitz (1814–1884) was a Russian philanthropist and banker. He was the first governor of the State Bank of the Russian Empire, the predecessor
organization to today's Central Bank of the Russian Federation. We are going to see here how successful financiers of the nineteenth century used to live in Russia.
15 Postcards From Diverse Azerbaijan

Postcards From Diverse Azerbaijan

An unusual look at Azerbaijan and its capital - Baku. The city has considerably changed for the last years, many modern buildings have appeared on its streets. The life of Baku is seemingly divided into "the period before
the song-contest Eurovision" and "after". Locals will probably remember the event for many years. These photos, sooner resembling postcards, show the contrasts of modern and old Azerbaijani capital.

16 An-12 From Different Angles

An-12 From Different Angles

Transport aircrafts are huge and impressive. They can carry heavy cargos, equipment and people in their "stomachs". An-12 is one of them.
These photos of the airplane were taken in Chelyabinsk during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Forces.
0 Excavators Bring Some Fun

Excavators Bring Some Fun

Work of excavator drivers does not assume any entertainments. But many drivers understand that the machine itself can be used
not only for heavy work but for light entertainments as well. It has everything they might need for having some fun.

5 Going Deeper to the Secret Bunker

Going Deeper to the Secret Bunker

Somewhere in Ukraine. The dark thick walls and service corridors securely keep the secrets from curious eyes of those go by local trains. They do not even suspect that something interesting can be so close. But some guys spent several days and nights to find a way to get into the railway haul, look through numerous
archives in attempt to understand what is guarded there. If you want to know what it is, then go and see, only with your own eyes you can see the truth. They were doing at night, illegally, being constantly afraid to be caught, they went deeper and deeper down the strange construction.

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