4 Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner

Howard Sochurek was a photographer for Life magazine. He joined Life in 1950 and worked in many countries including the Soviet Union. His photos of Soviet airplanes taken in 1958 are shown below.

Vnukovo airport.

Passenger airplane.

Passenger salon of the new Soviet Il-18.

The photo was taken in the airport.

Pilot of the Tu-104.

An engine of a new Soviet passenger airplane at the airport.


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4 Responses to “Soviet Planes On the Photos of the Foreigner”

  1. banditrider says:

    Some days it’s like reading ‘Jack and Jill’ books

  2. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Barrie Davey’s point is well taken.

  3. John from Kansas says:

    Excellent photography by Mr. Sochurek. Looking through Life magazine was always a treat. Thanks for posting an outstanding series.

    I also agree with Barrie Daviey’s comments, but at least we can still comment on the main ER pages. The forum has collapsed into all spam with the regular members locked out.

  4. Tillerman says:

    You must be living still in the past, in the cold war.

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