12 One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

One Journey to the Wild Northern Land

Posted on September 27, 2012 by team

Taimyr peninsular is the northernmost mainland. Further are only scattered little islands and the Arctic Ocean. Here starts the Anabar plateau – terra incognita, practically unpopulated area, the poorly studied region. This land is characterized by the largest livestock of migratory deer herds, the angriest bears, the tastiest grayling and trout, the purest nature. There are no roads and airfields here. For all the history of our planet here have been fewer people than on the Everest.

What an interesting expedition to this land must be! Bloggers from Russia decided to travel there for rafting on the Kotuikan river, enjoying the untouched nature, living in tents.

Check out some photographs from the journey.

Such stone guards can be often met on this land.

The first breakfast is ready – omelette with sausage.

Grayling is listed as endangered.

Trout is the first catch.

Soon it becomes the fish soup.


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12 Responses to “One Journey to the Wild Northern Land”

  1. Kent_Diego says:

    Nice photos.

  2. Scrat335 says:

    Some of those photos were completely unnecessary.

  3. Marked Two says:

    These serials are so wonderful! much better than stupid vids about people stupidity, keep this on.

  4. ALex G says:

    Those photos were amazing.

  5. George says:

    Landscape is very similar to Ontario Canada, what a wonderful experience!

  6. Macsen says:

    Nice photos! It must have been an awesome trip!

  7. robin yates says:

    grayling are not common in the UK rivers,lovely fish

  8. cro says:

    Its nice to see chemtrails-free sky!
    Beautiful nature, and i envy them soooo much!

  9. Prabhat Kumar Singh says:

    Amazing Nature , I wish to be there in future.

  10. Prabhat Kumar Singh says:

    nice to see nature

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