48 The First Day of a Muslim

The First Day of a Muslim

Posted on September 25, 2012 by team

Young boys in Muslim families have such a period in their lives when they wear girl’s dresses. It means they have just undergone the circumcision rite. Of course other children do not lose a chance to make fun of them, but all these physical and moral sufferings are soon rewarded with a stack of bills.

We want you to see now how they arrange one of the most important rites in life of every Muslim – circumcision.

Only the final stage of the rite, an operation, is the same for every Muslim. But what happens before and after can vary when different peoples are concerned. The Kurds start rituals three days before the main event, for example. Traditionally, relatives of the hero of the occasion, are all there to dress … sheep.

There must be three sheep, they are painted and decorated with ribbons. Then they are sent to a priest and their further destiny is unknown.

Two days later they arrange a feast with friends. The boy in white is the hero of the occasion.

“Asad” is the name of the boy.

The guests have already come.

They play traditional musical instruments – a Kurd drum and a flute.

Those who will perform the ritual and relatives are coming.

Meeting the hero of the occasion. The guests start dancing, hugging one each other. The main figure among them all is mother of Asad.

The ceremony is very solemn.

Asad accepts his congrats.

Asad and his friends are sitting where usually newlyweds sit.

Women start dancing.


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48 Responses to “The First Day of a Muslim”

  1. Nergol says:

    Uhm… you mean they don’t do that when you’re a baby?

    This time, I think the Jewish way of doing things os better.

    • Tiger says:

      This boy had a heart condition, that is why they waited (at least the text says so). Normally the circumcision is done at an infant age, like two or three years of age.
      Circumcisions are not risk-free. There can be infections resulting in child deaths or mutilations, especially if is not performed by a doctor and not under sanitary conditions.

  2. Bas says:

    circumcision is done in an infant age, like ear piercing of girls is done at an early age.

  3. Justus says:


  4. Macsen says:

    Genital mutilation on a child to please an invisible magic friend = child abuse.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    “The First Day of a Muslim”= the last day of rationalism.

  6. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Circumcision is the individuals right to choose, not some religious dogma having no basis in medical fact or necessity. Hemophiliacs have suffered hemorrhaging unto death; in others genital infection requiring surgery; even death from a slight virus affecting the heart are all recorded by victims of this form of abuse. It is equal to female circumcision in ignorance, superstition, and brutality.

  7. sauron says:

    Get your p**is snipped, cash bonus!

  8. Sasha says:

    All fun I guess, until a drunk imam cuts of a part of your penis as happened to an inlaw nephew…. God/Allah/Jaweh gave you a complete penis when you were born, in reflection of his image. Why do people want to cut pieces off girls and boys? Basically it is blasphemy.

  9. DouglasU says:

    Unfortunately to say this but this culture is rather primitive and backward. They should show what they do to little girls of the same age.

  10. pencil sharpener says:

    mutilating a penis has absolutely nothing to do with monotheism and belief in God’s judgement. If people continue with this despite the obvious lack of any benefit then it proves they are backwards and are misinterpreting their version of monotheism. I note the “highly” important use of a bowl full of water on a window sill and a large social gathering for no obvious reason.

  11. Yaroslav Votus says:

    Best thing for the muslim would be to cut it off completely.

  12. Alex says:

    Please do not post strange and bizarre things like this post because it is not related to the subject of this blog. This is not Russia. The plate number on one of the cars is not Russian. The whole thing is just out of place. Did you guys ran out of any fresh news from Russia, so yo decided to post any strange thing from around the world?

  13. GOD says:

    I am real God and I’m much interested what is in your pants!

  14. Akasha says:

    It’s forbidden in germany now – what a wonderful country I’m living in <3

    • Tiger says:

      Yes, but they are quickly working on a new law to legalize it again.
      The old law did not explicitly rule out circumcission, but since this is usually done at a very you age and since this is a massive invasion into the body that requires consent. But under German law such a consent cannot be given under the age of 18. Hence most circumcissions are no in fact illegal. But the dhimmi government of Ms Merkel will find a solution for this ASAP. As if Europe has no other problems at the moment.

  15. Thinking is great says:

    I think the photos are great. Nice to see this event, although i can not understand the meaning today.

    Before, this was clearly a simple way of gathering people in a group, making bonds and depraving people of individualism.

    Well, im grateful for the pictures anyway :)

  16. Marked Two says:

    everything seems been doing for those gifts and money…

  17. Nergol says:

    After analyzing over a thousand peer-reviewed studies, the American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that circumcision is beneficial, with health benefits that include lower risk of HIV and urinary tract infections.

    So, all the wrong-headed religion-haters here also happen to be on the wrong side of medical science, as well.

    • Tiger says:

      No quite the truth. Recent studies have shown the opposite, plus that up to 5% of all circumcissions result in serios infections causing the loss of the genitals and even in some cases child death. Even the jewish mayor of New York Mr Bloomberg is campaigning against male circumcissions and wants it to be restricted to medical doctors and to hospitals with sanitary conditions. So every time you cut a boy you are playing lottery with his life and his health.

    • Sheeteater says:

      America is ruled by jews. No wonder they came to this “conclusion”

    • 70KokuSamurai says:

      You missed the point Negrol, circumcision is also classed as an “aesthetic” choice, no different than breast augmentation. That parents choose this rite on voiceless, powerless children in the name of religion is what is called “child abuse” in the modern world. Now, do you have any stats on female circumcision, since it is performed for the very same reason as male?

    • xv says:

      It’s a needless procedure though. Plenty of people in Europe and other areas of the world seem to manage without undergoing it.

    • spanner says:

      “that include lower risk of HIV and urinary tract infections”….I can’t believe you wrote that. So instead of a 100% transmission of HIV when you have a foreskin it is a 99.5% risk of transmission when you are circumcised. Furthermore in litigation obsessed America if the AAP didn’t lie about health benefits every surgeon who butchered the children would be bankrupted via the courts or struck off for malpractise. Fact.

  18. abdelilah says:

    bye bye smegma

    • Eren says:

      Omg im muslim for 32 years im living in turkey i havent see this kind of stupid thing this is bul**hit!!! They are totally non educated muslim!!! Go university and read !!

  19. Dar says:

    Very interesting to see. I feel bad for the child doing it so late, but I suppose it couldn’t be helped with him.

    As for those putting it down and calling it barbaric, well which is more barbaric, circumcision, or abortion?

  20. Bruno says:

    Like Nergol said It does have the benefits he mention with urinary tract infections and other such infections along with HIV. It may not be god choice but human created religious events like this have come about due to practical knowledge. Such as pork being forbidden due to lack of water resources and risk of disease these animals had at the time. Anti-religious people are just as ignorant and zealot as much as any religious zealot can be.

    • Tiger says:

      Pork was forbidden by the old Egyptians (who were pagans) because it was the holy animal to the desert god Seth. Seth became later the personfication of the evil (because desertification of arable lands caused the old Egyptians much trouble), so consequently his holy animal, the pig, became evil as well and its meat was forbidden. Seth had also another animal, the donkey, and although it is a very useful animal, it still has a bad name and is used as a slur. But the donkey was not easily substituted, but pork could be replaced by beef or fish.
      The Jews who were working as prisoners in Egypt took lots of their laws acutally from the Egypt culture and also declared the pig to be impure along with everything from the sea that is not a fish (the Egyptians were afraid of the sea). So in fact this is a pagan rule and so is the circumcission. It is practised by the pagan tribes of East Africa and this is were it came from. It marks you to be part of the tribe. And because back then they were running around naked, the easiest thing to mark and to sacrifice was the foreskin. So fact is that the old jewish laws are of pagan origin along with circumcission and with the forbidden foods. These laws were later picked up when Muhammed and his followers were compiling the Quran to give it a sense of legitimation.

      • Tiger says:

        Oh, and I forgot, the ancient Egyptians were usually circumcised as well, both boys and girls. They believed that this was the “price” to be paid to receive an eternal soul that does not decease with the body. So again, it is of pagan origin.
        Christianity did not adopt these things. Jesus made it clear that God does not want us to pretend to be faithful by external pretention, but to be faithful with our heart and soul. In fact there are many statements where he dismissed the old laws, also the food laws. That is why we do not have such rules.

  21. Fred Johnson says:

    I can only imagine why they dressed up the sheep and then hid them. Party for the boys!!

  22. Mark Smith says:

    ^^^ those studies only looked at it from a health perspective, not from any sort of sexual pleasure perspective, americans have this belief that the foreskin does nothing when it does quite a lot.

    notice how the money is also a bribe, at least these kids have some minor opportunity to say not to mutilate their genitals, the practice should be outlawed for anyone under 18, period.

  23. Perkunas says:

    Great Post and loads of info, Kazakhstan was part of USSR so it fits perfectly to ER. Even i am not Muslim i still like posts from ex USSR or CCCP.

  24. mau says:

    very interesting to get an insight into this kind of stuff. i have a lot of respect for all these traditions and rituals, whether they be buddhist, christian, jewish, islamic, etc. thanks for the post, very informative

  25. Mushishi says:

    My father is a muslim but i chose not to be one, indeed i was circumcised as a small kid although i didnt want it and it was not my choice but my fathers.
    As i grew up i came to realise how primitive and uncivilised is the culture of the muslims.One of the most hypocritical religions is islam. They kill anyone who says anything against it and then when they come home they eat pork,drink alcohol,fantasize about women without burqa or hijab,listen to music(witch is against islam).
    Islam is against any form of art,expression except writing,islam impose’s its laws upon men,women and children and punishes those that do not blindly obey them.
    Islam is anything but peacefull.

    • petrohof says:

      thank you, i agree almost completely. i don’t think this (at least i hope not) applies to all muslim, i hope most are tempered by reason and the fact that we all need to live togeather in peace. i think it does apply to those who are shall we say ‘fanatical’ in their beliefs. the recent acts of violence in egypt and libya etc reflect how mis understood people are. reacting to something you don’t like with violence just makes you look like you are ignorant and have no respect for others views. yes, i know that those other views (and just a very few peoples views) caused much of the violence, but in america there is a freedom that people in many other countries don’t seem to be able to understand. people are free to do and say pretty much what they personally want and that is not a reflection on others, especially it does not mean the govt approves as in many cases it would not, but must allow this expression as it is a freedom. if i say something that insults you, then don’t like me, but also don’t kill me!! i may not like what you say but i believe that you should be allowed to say it and it does not make me want to kill anyone. in a word, tolerance.

    • Tiger says:

      Hear, hear! Well and honest spoken Mushishi! The followers of islam cry foul when they see a dumb video on youtube, but when they kill, rape and enslave others they justify it with their “faith”. If it would be just that they “misinterpret” their own religion, I would be prone to say that this is not the fault of islam, but it is. The quran demands the death of non-followers, including the people of the book (jews and christians), and grants them no rights.
      Unfortentely there are lots of non-muslims and ex-christians who still have a romantic view of islam and who don´t see the reality.
      May god blees you.

  26. SSSR says:

    So how do circumcised boys cope with thinking about girls in their teens and beond?Every culture and religion has its customs but boys are designed that way for a reason!

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