8 Huge Plant From Above

Huge Plant From Above

Posted on September 25, 2012 by team

We have already seen this factory and its abandoned shops. They could suit perfectly for some shooting decorations or games. Now we are about to see the plant from another angle – from above.

The twin pipes are stretching to the sun. They are 132 m tall (433 ft).

We about to climb higher.

This huge system collects poisonous emissions from the shops.

Let’s see them closer.

At such a height one can feel how the whole structure slightly wiggles.

On the right you can see the technological ponds and the water intake of the plant.

The whole complex and the neighbourhood look nice from above.

The whole place is rather spooky: it seems that nobody survived and now it is inhabited only by mechanisms that live their own life.

via d-a-ck9

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8 Responses to “Huge Plant From Above”

  1. Faith Gorodki says:

    How wonderfully apocalyptic. Are there any such places in Finland, anyone?

  2. Hi says:

    I hate that fake blur. Stupid Instagram generation.

  3. René says:

    First pic looks like a model set.

  4. El Kabong says:

    Definitely could have done without the godawful faux tilt-shift shots.

  5. timoulete says:

    Don’t know Finland, in France some places like that but Russia is Huge and have a big industry past. btw amazing perspective, you’ve balls to get high !

  6. Jeebs says:

    Great photos and I love the use of tilt lens photography it’s a nice addition to the forum :)

  7. green sleeves says:

    my b@lls shrank with fear at the height. this happen to anyone else?

  8. Hugh Betcha says:

    I suspect China is responsible.

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