2 Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Handmade Ancient Silk Paper Being Made Today

Posted on September 23, 2012 by team

Not far from Samarkand (Uzbekistan) there is a village where one local man started his own business of paper production using an old technology. It could help him to earn and could be interesting for tourists.

The old technology needed some restoration. It was invented by the Chinese long long ago. The paper made this way is called Samarkand silk paper today. But everything turned out to be not so complicated.

The man making the paper himself.

This is mulberry. It grows almost at each kishlak.

They cut the sticks and put them under the press in the water for soaking.

Then they remove the bark from the sticks.

Then the bark is to be boiled.

Then they use such a mill to turn the boiled bark into mushy mixture.

Then the mixture is put into a tank with cold water, stirred there.

The sieve is put down in the tank.

The water is let to flow down.

It is put under the press now.

Mulberry fibers intertwined with each other like felt. Now it only remains to remove the water. And the sheet of paper is almost ready.

It should be dried next.

Removing bubbles with a brush.

Then it needs to be polished after a couple of days. This is done with a stone and a shell – exactly like in the ancient times.

They polish it with the stone first, then – with the shell.

It becomes glossy like paper of some fashion magazine.

To the left – ordinary paper, to the right – silk one. It is easier and more comfortable for eyes to read a text on the silk paper.

Silk paper also serves for making various stuff like masks, bags, vests etc.

If you use this paper and an ordinary printer, you get a cool result – use a frame and you may tell that you bought it somewhere at an Iranian market.

The bag made from silk paper.

And gowns.

And the ball.

What will happen with ordinary paper if it is washed? A death defying act! The paper is going to be washed now!


There is no a single hole!

If only all paper we use could be washed to look like new! How many trees could be saved then!

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