16 At the Helm of the Tank

At the Helm of the Tank

Posted on September 23, 2012 by team

Have you ever thought how it feels to be at the helm of an infantry fighting vehicle? Might be an exciting journey especially if you first ram thru a forest and then need to cross a lake in a gang of three more of such. Take a look: it’s all here.

They can cross the water either with a closed hatch or an open one. But being under fire they always close it, of course.

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16 responses to “At the Helm of the Tank”

  1. Nick says:

    What was that huge tracked vehicle in the ‘Military Loading’ video clip? And why did it make such a meal of driving onto the transporter?

  2. Scout19K says:

    Hatches opened or closed your still getting wet 🙂

  3. Yaroslav Votus says:

    Very nice. But can it pull someone on the wakeboard?

  4. Igor says:

    FRENCH vote that Russian Cossacks rode again and clear your land from the Muslims!!!

  5. Igor says:

    are Russian tanks!!!!!!!

  6. Igor says:

    You know why Russian planes do not fall on va euro? all Russian aircraft engine thrust to the military power!!

  7. Igor says:

    All civil aircraft are made for the military! seats thrown and will carry military cargo! Russia has a population of 150 million people! in Germany the same ….. Germany for weight eu 70 percent, and Russia is one of NATO =! Germany I respect!!
    Over Russia always laughing …… Why do not you tell when the Russian hacked your carrier and our aircraft attacked him? ashamed? Ame

  8. Igor says:

    My grandfather fought gemaniya he was 14 years old! I know that among the German people had a lot of good people (even in time of war) ….. know how murdered in German and Italian soldiers for what they refused to kill civilians! Have you ever heard a Celine Benvenuto said Muslim leader?!! Europeans do not you know!

  9. Igor says:

    When Mussolini came to the Muslim leader, and asked him what to open a mosque in Rome …… do you think he said???

  10. Igor says:

    when your mecca will open the church then I will allow to open a mosque in Rome!! what happened to the Christians? why they kill themselves? I’m not a fascist, I not against Muslims, when they are at home slaughtering a sheep and its bad people!

  11. Igor says:

    you really do not like the orthodox Christians, and always with the War of Catholicism ….. and now when I read the Bible, it is very disappointed! the whole Christian religion came up to us Jews! that would be white and blue were obedient as sheep!

  12. Igor says:

    I want war! I want to shoot in every religion who tells me that I’m not right

  13. Igor says:

    no one answers me ….. cause Breivik lives! long live Breivik!!

  14. Igor says:

    I’m not Santa Claus and CCC I just wish that everyone lived on their land why African funtbolist playing for England?! Why do I need to root for Africa? Rossiyky football amazed ….. for anyone to hurt me – for Nigeria??

  15. Nazir says:

    i like struggle

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