10 Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks

Posted on September 23, 2012 by team

Gas masks are often seen as attributes of some plants or shelters. They are purchased by a city or a company in accordance with regulations of civil defence and safety measures in emergency situations.  But where do they come from? From plants where they are produced, of course. The USSR has such plants almost in every region, but today most of them do not function anymore.

One of the abandoned places where gas masks were produced is on the photos below.

The shops where they made gas masks were very spacious.


Gas masks are made from plastic and metal details. Without them it’s just a rubber mask with holes for eyes.


Waste coal

“Equipment does not work”, “Air”.


Color of a filter denotes a toxic agent this very filter saves from.

Some painted caps. Who knows what they are used for?

Filter has a thread from both sides. These hoses are used for carrying filters. They can be connected to the endless length.


Filters are checked in laboratories with use of special equipment.

Models and samples of ready products.


Gas masks details.

Product ED-65

Product ED-19: details for full-face respirators.

Filters of unusual shapes.

Some instructions


The last batch of gas masks produced by the plant: they tried to burn it but failed.

Two sad stormtroopers say “goodbye” to you in the end.

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10 responses to “Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks”

  1. The Weight of the World says:

    You want to tell me that some of the gas masks are totally new, packed in foil?

  2. Yaroslav Votus says:

    After seeing all the abandoned places in Russia with gas masks strewn about, does anyone else see the irony in this?

  3. Scout19K says:

    One of the downfalls of the “Soviet Era” gasmasks was that it required many filters. Changing a filter could injure or kill you. NATO masks were designed to filter all agents and only required the changing from the old mask to a new mask at a decon point. Also, had there been a war, thank go there wasn’t, both sides would have thrown a mix of gas shells into an area. Different colored filters wouldn’t help.

    • Babysitter says:

      No, there always was white-colored universal military filter “BKF”. And most of those you see on pictures were stored near corresponding factories as a means of precaution in case of disaster. For example, if some plant was using a lot of acids, there were tons of masks with yellow filters in local civil defence objects. Different threats — different colors. These colored filters are also used in trainings because they are much cheaper than white ones, that’s why your stereotype is so common. Besides, your “western” gas masks also have a lot of different filters and not only universal one.

  4. Tovarich Volk says:

    Here’s the story of those painted caps:

    Bare metal filter canisters were screwed onto the caps on a rolling production line, then they were dipped into a paint bath, and from there to a curing oven to dry the paint. After cooling down, the painted canisters were removed, then the caps were reused to repeat the process again.

    This ensured that the canisters were painted, but the threadings were bare metal.

  5. timoulete says:

    Some are brand new since all time in the box ?
    Hope the guy don’t make mistake with filter’s colour or you’re dead

  6. Jeebs says:

    Wow check that place out wouldn’t mind taking a few of them wood crates and check out all the gas masks the funny thing is you can buy them online for some bdsm latex breath play fun lol

    I seriously wonder how much money I could make looting that place hmm

  7. MAC says:

    Communism does not work.

  8. Andre says:

    where is this located my inner collector wants to pay a viset seeing the filters in various states of build seems facenateing to me along with the proposition of getting a empty EO-16 filter seriously im supprized no ones looted this place out of respect mabey?

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