38 Swimming In The Frost

Swimming In The Frost

The swimming pool in Moscow was built at the place of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour that had been demolished in 1930. The construction started in 1958 and in 1960 the swimming pool welcomed its first visitors. That was the largest swimming pool in the USSR and one of the biggest pools in the world that time. Today it is just a history as the construction was demolished.

The sports construction acquired sympathies of the city citizens who often visited the place to have a rest and go in for sports. The swimming pool was opened the entire year and even in winter. The swimming pool realized quite a new conception of rest near water as only a small segment of it was occupied by swim lanes and the rest space could be used just like swimmers wanted.

Construction of the Palace of Soviets started in 1930.

The Palace has never been completed.

Did you know that there is a huge sea deep under Moscow? It is located 3,500-4,500 feet deep. During the construction of the famous swimming pool there was an idea to fill the pool with sea water. However, the plan has never been implemented due to some unknown reasons.

Moscow is experienced in drilling holes reaching the sea. Many wells that had to ensure access to the ancient sea waters are available across Moscow. At wartime the wells were used to obtain salt when the way to regularly used salt-containing regions was closed by enemies.

When they planned to deepen the well for other 5400 feet, the bill for accomplished works was equal to the yearly budget of the city. Because of that they stopped drilling the well.

Soon after the swimming pool was opened there appeared city legends saying that people often drown in the swimming pool, especially in winter. They explained it by the revenge and curse of those who couldn’t reconcile themselves with the loss of the great Cathedral.

Those who wanted to swim in the pool didn’t require any medical certificates. They had just to buy tickets and rent swimming suits and other things necessary for swimming. Disinfecting means were actively used for water decontamination. Medical personnel watched the sanitary condition of the water carefully.

During 33 years of the swimming pool existence no complaints or claims against the water quality were ever made. A special laboratory tested water samples every three hours.


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38 Responses to “Swimming In The Frost”

  1. timoulete says:

    that’s a HUGE pool, must be cool to get hot with bad weather. Some of electricity was spend here

  2. Cedre says:

    It was fun while it lasted.

  3. Maesrobert says:

    One of the most interesting posts I’ve seen on ER. Fascinating to see the (in)famous ‘House on the Embankment’ in the background in quite a few of the photographs too.

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Interesting history (ending in further devolution of mankind). Now instead of recreation for (all) the people they get a fancy box to isolate themselves into their respective tribes to be spoon-fed opium-flavored myths and superstitions (and delude themselves that they are all exercising free will). The tragedy continues…

    • Nergol says:

      1) Steal a building that belongs to someone else 2) Demolish a beautiful landmark building 3) Fail in your plans to build a monstrous replacement building to celebrate your monstrous, repressive, thieving form of government 5) Collapse, because your economic theories are unworkable bulls**t 6) Watch the people overcome and rebuild from decades of your brutality, theft, mismanagement, and wanton property destruction 7) Arrogantly call other people deluded for not buying your theories 20 years after they got flushed down history’s toilet.

      LOL Marxists

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        I liked you better when you made puns.

        • Tiger says:

          History has proven that communism was sick and wrong. So since 1991 there is no need to discuss. Plus dear revolutionist, there is no evolution in a system that deliberately kills and starves its own people for some mythical historical materialism that in fact shares the messianic expectation with the most primitive forms of religion.

  5. Tobbe says:

    Any photos of the old cathedral?

  6. Muzzlehatch says:

    Lifeguard: Tovarisch, it is forbidden to pee in the swimming pool!
    Drunk: Why not? Everybody pees in the swimming pool.
    Lifeguard: From the diving board?

  7. komar says:

    good time for all over the folk of CCCR.and today?

  8. John Arley Burns says:

    So they took away a giant pool used by all, and replaced it with a giant government-supported cathedral. Isn’t capitalism wonderful?

      • Pacote says:

        Government-supported Cathedral doesn’t sound very capitalist to me.

        • SSSR says:

          I don’t think capitalism had anything to do with it!Stalin’s thinking was “in order to create you had to be willing to destroy”.The cathedral came down and the building plans of the palace went on and on…it was drawn bigger and taller and with a giant Lenin on top of a hollow building-the building was doomed from the start and would have never worked.The cathedral should have never been torn down so it was rebuilt.

          • Pacote says:

            When public funds are used to destroy, or to build a huge church, that’s not capitalism at all. The Othodox Church should have rebuilt it with it’s own funds. That’s the capitalist way.

            • America says:

              But then again the Catholic Church weren’t the perpetrators who looted and demolished the Church in the first place. The state is. Capitalist way is to sue those responsible for the damages and collect as much as possible toward recovering their losses.

              • Tiger says:

                The Catholic church has nothing to do with this. This was an Orthodox cathedral. And since it was destroyed by the government it is absolutely ok that it is rebuilt by the government.

              • America says:

                Sorry just a typo but the truth is they are all a bunch of ignorant bible thumpers. The rest is semantics. Christians, Orthodox, yeah whatever same goofy beliefs.

  9. Mike says:

    This post is totally confusing. 1) Any photos of the Cathedral before it was torn down? 2) The cathedral was then rebuilt??? 3) It seems that post is aaying that the water came from underground deep seas under Moscow–is that correct? 4) How was the water heated, and was that was not always a significant cost even before prices increased?? Was the size really overkill, I mean was the place ever really filled up? I would think in wintertime it would hardly be used more that 10% of it space.

    • OldBikr says:

      Yeah Mike I’m confused too. What about the cathedral ER?

    • Tiger says:

      The communists did not have any price calculation in place. The energy provided for the heating of this enormous pool was basically “for free”. Of course the costs just then came along another way, but the commies did not have any knowledge about externalization of costs and its effect, that is why after 70 years of trial and error they decided to reinstate the market mechanism. When they did that the prices went wild and they discovered the true costs of their projects (which was one of the reasons the pool ceased operations, because of unrentability).
      The pool has been demolished and the Cathedral has been rebuilt again in the same manner. Just google it (Cathedral of Christ the Saviour). It had been recently the stage for Pussy Riot´s “famous” live act which resulted in 2 years of prison for the girls.

    • Eric says:

      You can find pictures of the (rebuilt) Christ the Saviour Cathedral online. Here’s wikipedia’s entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_of_Christ_the_Saviour

  10. Le Français says:

    Happy end!!!

    • Tiger says:

      Amen to that! I hope the rest of the country will also see a happy end after 70 years of red tyranny and 20 years of lawlessnes. This is now totally beyond our earthly means, only miracles could turn around Russia.

  11. DouglasU says:

    A pool this size would be very difficult to maintain in a decent and clean fashion. Its just a bizarre soviet boondoggle.

  12. serial killer says:

    The cloud of steam rising from the swimming pool made it the most convenient serial killing spot in the world. Good riddance.

  13. jordan says:

    Heh “there were no complaints about water quality” but you couldn’t see the bottom 8 feet down..

  14. OCTOMOM says:

    Surely that pool was a great place to hook up!!
    Even better than a Big Church!

  15. America says:

    Yuk, that was one filthy pool!

    • Scrot says:

      It was cleaner than your average public pools filled with rednecks and walking whales. LOL.

      • America says:

        Yeah sure, those Russian drinking vending machines with reusable glasses are perfectly safe and sanitary too! lmao

        • Jane says:

          And probably they are. I don’t think somebody made a research and proved disposable bottles are healthier in the long run, but it’s obvious that they are cheaper and allow to make profit while not giving a **** what happens when they are thrown away.

        • Scrot says:

          Read the post again about this pool care. Then you can spin with coke vending machines from Jupiter, or whatever unrelated thing you can “think” of.


        • Tiger says:

          Plastic softeners cause cancer and infertility. So maybe the plastic bottles may be a bit more sanitary, but also more unhealthy as well. That is why You WASP get replaced by healthy Mexicans.

  16. Geoff says:

    The first woman on the left in the title photo looks good….

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