8 Summer Shore of the White Sea

Summer Shore of the White Sea

Posted on September 19, 2012 by team

One can get here only by plane. Several times in a summer a barge sails here too, but nobody knows its schedule so it doesn’t count. Here, at the shore of the White Sea, is a village and a river named both in the same way – Letnyaa Zolotitsa (Summer Gold). Many of those who have been in this place describe it as fantastically beautiful.

As if someone’s giant hand has scattered these stones about.

The driver is trying to go around the boulders.

Many locals have such sailboats.

Someone has a motorcycle.

The village where only 108 people live.

This is the way to the empty island. In fact they already have materials to make a bridge to another side of the island but they can’t agree upon the matter who will do all the work.

This club is the only brick house.

The ad for those who want to buy cattle.

The airport to the right and the aircraft An-2.

They have a kindergarten here.

And they even have a school. This is its classroom.

20 pupils study at school. By the way they have teachers for all subjects.

Stove heating.

Typical toilet for boys.

Girls learn English.

Cows often visit the territory of the school.

Typical village road.

Here the river Summer Gold flows into the White Sea.

Fishers’ barns

The White Sea that really looks white on this photo.

Postapocalyptic world or another planet. You want to put a respirator on and take a heavy baton, who knows what may happen…

Remains of old devices.

It seems if you collect all the parts you can assemble some device.

What could they roll with it?


Fuel tanks

The tanks are sinking in the sand.

This wood is waiting for a barge that will take them to another village.

House of a fisher.

Perfect calm

Stone Valentine

Colors change rapidly.

Final rays of the sun.

Hut of a fisher

It is a beautiful place, calm and almost wild now, but being here for a couple of days you start going mad without live voices of people and fuss that you usually have in your ordinary life.

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8 Responses to “Summer Shore of the White Sea”

  1. DouglasU says:

    awesome place………

  2. Qirex says:

    wow, that’s why I like this website.

  3. Yaroslav Votus says:

    Why people live at such shithole?

  4. Bazar says:

    The stisl are so much better than the Video’s lovly thank you.

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    Wow, electricity, right next to the water, but still no flush toilets? Good grief.

  6. Takolander says:

    Them paw prints in the sand…could it be from a lynx? But they were quite deep, I hope it wasn’t a bear!

  7. Demented says:

    What a beautiful area. It could do with a little cleaning up, but it looks like as awesome place to live a peaceful, basic lifestyle.

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