3 The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

Posted on September 17, 2012 by team

The jeep of Zheleznogorsk’s mayor could seriously suffer from the lightning. However it damaged only the on-board computer of the jeep. The driver and the passenger didn’t suffer. They say that the mayor himself was not in the car at that moment.

Citizens of the city thought it to be the sign from above and the warning to the mayor. But it remains unknown what the mayor himself thinks about it.

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3 responses to “The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning”

  1. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    A car is a Faraday’s cage. Nothing to worry about.

    • Random Chaos says:

      Unless you are in contact with the metal in the cage when it hits. And if it doesn’t explode the tires so the wheels touch the ground. Then all bets are off.

  2. timoulete says:

    Faraday rules lol

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