10 One Ordinary Day of a Department Head

One Ordinary Day of a Department Head

There is a community where anybody could post their own photos of how they spent one day of their lives. Lot of different people post stuff, but once almost all of the visitors got surprised as they opened the website for this: real governmental authority, a head of mass media department, posted his private photos by himself starting on how he wakes up semi-naked in his bed and then all the things he did throughout the day.

Captions and jokes for those photos are by the state official himself unchanged, only translated in English.

He lives in the center of Moscow and thus can wake up a bit later than many other people do though it is still difficult for him to do this due to insomnia.

Usual morning things to do.

This towel remembers the times when the official was a child.

As he is the head of mass media department, books are everywhere.

The favorite T-shirt states that books have their own destiny.

He stays in the apartment together with his wife, two daughters, mother, sister and a niece. That’s why he often hides from them in his office where they can get only having a prior official permission.

Men have to shave every morning and this is the most heroic thing to do.

A cup of tea.

On Thursdays state officials have a pancake with meat for breakfast which is delivered by car with a flashing light. Next day they can be offered buckwheat with milk.

While posting his breakfast pic he joked: “On Thursdays state officials have a pancake with meat for breakfast which is delivered by car with a flashing light. Next day they can be offered buckwheat with milk.”, clueing on the fact that people in Moscow hate a lot of state cars with flashing lights making all the rest traffic wait for hours in jams.


His elder daughter has come home to have breakfast.

‘Bye, daddy, I am going to the University’.

After that phrase she usually comes back home several times to pick up forgotten stuff. Today it was once only which must be a bad sign.

‘Bye, daddy, I am going to the University-2’

‘Where is the flashing light? It must be stolen.’, – jokes he again.

In a traffic-jam on the bridge.

‘Mortgage center, bank, jewelry shop’. Oh, God, please punish the designer of the shop window!
– that’s his comment too, not ours!


At the office.

Checking mail. First private mail.

Now corporate mail.

Unheld meetings, untaken calls.

Family journey as a desktop shot.

Every book fair or literature meetings send the invitations to the department so he gets tons of those and then attends some.

This is a “Businessman”, leading Russian commerce newspaper said to be popular among enterpreneurs and elite. “I put it here on purpose just to cover the daily junk of puzzles and other humor press I read usually” says the original poster.


Now it’s time to visit a book-fair.

“About the books”.

At the official meeting. The guy is on the right.

Cool BOOK armchairs.

Heading the seminar devoted to books.

Admiring novelty books.

Trying to find a familiar book.


Cool miniature furniture.

Meeting the famous journalist.

Now getting back home. Having dinner with a wife and younger daughter. The elder one is not at home yet. She is at a rock concert.

Instead of spending his late night time on the Internet he picked up a book. Or made a statement of preferring a book just for a photo. We would never know this.

Anyways, that was quite an unusual that a state department head of such a high range has posted his private photos uncensored and unedited right on the public website, probably he is the first top governmental authority who did this ever. Thanks to the digtial age we all can see what are those guys are up to and looks like their lives don’t differ a lot from those of ours.

Location: Moscow

via odin-moy-den

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10 responses to “One Ordinary Day of a Department Head”

  1. MAC says:

    another day in paradise…

  2. Richard S. says:

    A very successful businessman. I admire that in him.

  3. Piotr says:

    There must surely be hundreds of departments in Moscow, and one might ask if every head of department drives to work in a limousine? The apartment looks nice but nothing extraordinaire. The car and office is definitely what sets him part.

  4. Christian says:

    I remember that once englishrussia presented a blog very similar to odin-moy-den. But i cannot find the article again – does someone else know where i find what i am looking for?

  5. Andrei says:

    I’m sorry, but his car is parked right in front of a zebra crossing, which is illegal in Russia.

    Thus, a typical Russian state official.

  6. Nobody says:

    I would like to see Putin could kick his a$$.

  7. Asmodeus says:

    His elder daughter looks hot.

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