7 Drilling Wells of Russia

Drilling Wells of Russia

Posted on September 17, 2012 by team

We are about to see how they are planting numerous drilling rigs there. It’s the business of huge profit, the business that is widely discussed at all levels. But we are going to see just the technical side of it … and a bit of local nature.

Orenburg steppe

“Orenburg drilling corporation”, drilling rig №5115, Vakhitovsky deposit.

Drilling rig ZJ50DBS made by the Chinese company “Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd.”

Drilling rigs consume very much fuel – 4 tons of diesel fuel in an hour.

Equipment room, here they adjust temperature.

Pumping drilling fluid. Such fluid, delivered via the tubes to the well, makes the drill with diamond wheels rotate.

The rig is drilling a hole to extract a lot of cash from there.

Depth of such hole is 3-4 km (1850 – 2500 miles). It is not always straight, by the way. Sometimes it is oblique. The derrick stands here while the well is drilled somewhere half a mile away.

The workers are satisfied with the rig saying it’s quite reliable.

Local means of transportation – Mi-8.

Local boy

“Upon arrival at the object inform the supervisor and be instructed by the master”.

The second drilling rig to be planted is numbered as 13.

Information about the rig such as contract No, consignee, consignor, address of loading etc. This drilling rig is not much different from that one we saw first.

Emergency evacuation chute

In such a way they are planting fifteen drilling rigs there. We are leaving this place and flying to Noviy Urengoy.

Orenburg where we were before is a Southern part of Russia with a hot weather and oily steppes. Now we fly 6000 km (miles) to the North East to the totally different landscape of permafrost and coldest winters on the planet. They use the same drilling techniques there too.

Yagelnoye airport in Noviy Urengoy. This is a typical oil drilling city and we won’t stay here for a long. We go for the oil deposit and drilling wells.

Local forests

A unique Yurkharovskoye deposit – 100 billion cubic metres (330 billion cubic ft) of gas.

The drilling rig has already drilled some wells which are working now.

Try to take off!

Ok, we’ve seen enough here, getting back to Noviy Urengoy.

Houses for shift workers of the gas processing plant.

Impassable roads of Yamal peninsula.

The rig is put on rails. All the equipment is made in Russia. Such an opportunity to move the rig is a tremendous saving of time for assembling/disassembling.

Drilling rigs from China. Transportation of each rig requires 40 railway platforms!

There is a lot of sand here.

Security guard is still guarding the place even that it is in a totally middle of nowhere and nobody can get here except on a helicopter or a plane. Security is a vital part of an oil industry!

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  1. kalkulator says:

    You might want to double-check your kilometer to miles conversion.

  2. zion says:

    Depth of such hole is 3-4 km (1850 – 2500 miles)??? a little bit more and they will be on the other side :)

  3. Macsen says:

    Typo aside, interesting post for me, as I am a rig mover, moving oil and gas drilling rigs around mid western Saskatchewan, and mid eastern Alberta. The Chinese tech for self propelled triples (that’s drilling rigs that can pull 3 lengths of pipe at once) seems a little old. A couple years back, a friend of mine worked on a “walking” triple, built in Innisfield, Ab, Canada.

  4. robin yates says:

    chinese workers or just chinese equipment ?

  5. todd says:

    Thats one way to make allot of money.

  6. zafa says:

    Drilling to another PLANET ! ! ! !

  7. petrohof says:

    just the decimal point is off a little,should be: Depth of such hole is 3-4 km (1.850 – 2.500 miles).

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