3 Inhabitants Of The White Sea

Inhabitants Of The White Sea

This summer the White Sea was filled with jelly-fish. A jelly-fish has 24 eyes and its body consists of water for 95%. As soon as the creature comes to the coast in a wave it dies getting dried in the sun without water. The photos below were taken during a small excursion into the world of the beautiful creatures. 

The life of a scyphomeduse starts as that of a 1 mm plate among other plates of the same size. This is what the creature looks like when it leaves the others.

The creature is very small and transparent and is practically not visible. Initially it has a very small mouth for feeding and nothing else. Soon it will be 1 cm in size and will start regular hunting.

Lion’s mane jellyfish has no mouth as it is but has huge red parts of the oral cavity which is put right onto the food. They also serve as the stomach.

Aurelia has a large mouth in the middle of the body. They are usually eaten by the Lion’s mane jelly fish.


Lion’s mane jellyfish expand their tentacles and catch the food. Their tentacles can be both very thick and practically invisible. They can even be 15 m long.

The process of eating.


This lion’s mane jellyfish is trying to consume several Aurelias at once.

In one month the Aurelias become much larger than their enemy. This one is 60 cm (23 inches) in diameter.

Those lion’s mane jellyfish that didn’t eat enough food, get dried as they invest all the energy into laying eggs right in the oral cavity.

By the end of August jellyfish die eaten by the Hyperiidea and water becomes pure.


The same type of jellyfish can be found in the Japanese Sea though they are of a totally different color there.

Location: White Sea

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  1. bobi says:

    Beautiful !

  2. Bazar says:

    I spent a lot of time in the White sea on trawlers, they were just an Inconvenience to us.

  3. Les says:

    What a wonderful set of photo’s. well done to all concerned.


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