8 Asian City Of The Russian Empire

Asian City Of The Russian Empire

The Russian Empire existed from 22 October 1721 until 1917 when a Soviet Republic was announced. It was the third largest Empire in history after the Britain and Mongol ones with its Emperor having an absolute power. The city of Tashkent photos of which is presented below was one of its possessions in the East.

A street in a new Russian city.

Shopping arcade.

Hospitalnaya Str., Hospital and Pasterovskaya station.

Romanovskaya Str. 1

Tashkent views. Military meeting.

Pushkinskaya Str. 3.

Romanovskaya Str. in Tashkent.

Grammar school for girls.

On the Tashkent road 1. The Bashkir.


On the Tashkent road 2. The Kyrgyz.

On the Tashkent road 9. Camels.

On the Tashkent road 12. The Kyrgyz in the field.

On the Tashkent road 13. Camel harness.

The Cathedral of Sergey Radonezhsky.

Irdzharskaya Str. in Tashkent

Sobornaya Str.

State Bank in Tashkent.

Field climatic station and koumiss (healthy drink) medical center. Hospital.

Kaufmann Prospect in Tashkent.


The same.

Military Cathedral.

P.S. Dorozhnov

Antique places of the Tashkent region.

Market in the neighbourhood of Tashkent.

Tashkent, the main mosque observed from the height.

Views of Tashkent. Jewish sinagoga.

The caravan is heading to the town of Verpiy.

Neighbourhood of Tashkent.


Tashkent, Circus, Coliseum Theater.

Kaufmann prospect.

Fruit bazaar and the mosque.

Views of Central Asia, Bazaar in Tashkent.

Old city, Schanchan-Taur mosque.

Main street of the Old City.

Military school.

Local types of people.

Preobrazhensky Military Cathedral.

Masar-Hat Iman, old city.


Remote parts of Tashkent. Kirghiz winter.

Railway station.

Voskresensky Market.

The mosque.

Pozharskaya Str.


Circus, Coliseum Theater.

Caufmann prospect.

Gymnasts during a holiday.

The mosque in Tashkent.


Market and Asian dining room.

The araba cart.

After an earthquake.

Views of Tashkent. Entrance to the fortress.


Central store.


Post arabas.

Orthodox church.


The military cathedral.

Cattle market.

Kaufmann Str. of Tashkent

Governor’s house.

The Russian part of the city.

Hotel Russia.

In the old city.


Azizbaev’s shop.

Warehouse and retail shop of Pharmacists’ partnership.

Fruit market.

A tram,1916.

Camels at rest.

The inner yard.

Carrying water.


Gates to Tashkent.

A tree.

Treasury Chamber.

A cemetery.

The fortress of 1870.

Camels in the street.

The shop sold Asian footwear from Kazan.

Ballet college.

Religious school,1870.


Another religious school in the old city.

Bread market, 1914.

Moscow Str.

School for boys.

Entertainment in Tashkent.

A trader.

Pavilion commissioned by the oil rich Nobel brothers for the Agricultural Exhibition in Tashkent.

The first Belgian car in Tashkent,1910.


The first motorcycle rider in Tashkent,1912. By the end of the 19th century the Russian Empire was had been the second largest territory int the world after the Britain Empire not considering the area of Alaska tha had been Russian from 1744 to 1867.

Location: Tashkent

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8 responses to “Asian City Of The Russian Empire”

  1. Marcello says:

    An amazing collection of historic photos, I hope these are preserved somewhere safe.
    A small typo in the opening sentence, the Russian Empire existed between 1721 and 1917.

  2. Alex says:

    Fabulous historical photos! Thanks for sharing. I guess, in the entry sentence “The Russian Empire existed from 22 October 1721 until 1971…” dates should read “from 1721 until 1917”.

  3. Sheeteater says:

    Russia brought civilization to these god forsaken countries.

  4. Maria van Overbeek says:

    the empire did not exsist until 1971.
    Perhaps one meant 1917 ?

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    On 30 Dec. 1922 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was established; thus, there was no longer a Russian Empire. (sorry, you Monarchist reactionaries)

  6. Akskl says:

    Ancient civilizations existed at that region long before Kievan Russia appeared (actually that was ancient or medieval Ukraine, not Russia).

  7. jac says:

    What else Russia is nowadays than the good old monarchy, where the omnipotent king was replaced by equally so president title. Where opposition’s freedom of expression is limited and fought against.

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