30 Iron Birds In the Clear Sky

Iron Birds In the Clear Sky

Posted on September 13, 2012 by team

Dyagilevo is an air base in Ryazan, Russia. There is a museum of long-range aviation there, but we are not going to visit it today again. We gonna spend some time at the airfield of Dyagilevo instead and look at various planes flying over there.

Il-78 – tanker aircraft. It was built on the base of Il-76 and put into service in 1987. For today it is the only specialized type of tanker aircrafts used by air forces of Russia.

Tu-22M3 – a supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber.

An-26 – a twin-engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft.

Air display team “Falcons of Russia”.

Being prepared for the flight.



One of the bombers. It can fly from Moscow to California with bombs aboard for several hours.


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30 Responses to “Iron Birds In the Clear Sky”

  1. Denis says:

    Tu-22M3 never can reach targets in North America with or without bombs.It is not designed for it. It is designed for european theatre of war.To cross the Atlantic it will require in-flight refuelling and another refuelling for the flight back.

  2. thx-1138 says:

    maybe “aluminium birds”… :)

  3. America says:

    Wow, when is Russia gonna replace that outdated crap?

    • vorontsevich says:

      Shouldn’t you be more concerned about replacing your B-52’s, the newest of which is 50 years old. Even the oldest Tu-22M is a decade newer.

      • Fred Johnson says:

        I’ll say it again…..
        Ha! The B-52 is so good, it doesn’t NEED to be updated! Not hardly “antiquated”. That’s like the highlight of design there. Update the avionics, and that’s it, the body is nearly perfect. Just goes to show, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • vorontsevich says:

          Lol. You’re one to talk about “no idea what you’re talking about.”. Have you ever heard of the Tu-22M3? Probably not. To put it simply, its’ the same body but updated avionics. Try again.

    • OldBikr says:

      The person is right about the B-52s all of them are old enough to have been flown by the Grandpas of their current crews.

      “If it works why replace it” is as true in Russia as it is in the U.S.

  4. Daniel says:

    Russian air force isn’t very good at air refueling. They can only do it in the daytime. They don’t know how to do it at night.

    • OldBikr says:

      And how do you think you know this???

      I would not hold any opinions like this; UNLESS those opinions are backed with solid, current facts.

      Remember the old saying about the word assume. When you ASSUME something with fact checking, it makes an ass of ‘U’ and ‘ME’.

    • vorontsevich says:


      What makes you think that? The Il-78 can do both daytime and night refueling. RuAF planes with refueling probes have night strobes on them.

      Like OldBikr said above me, don’t assume something without checking the facts.

  5. Tiger says:

    It should say “Algerian transporter” instead of “Algerian bomber” :)

  6. B. says:

    See the globe, it does not need to cross the Atlantic, it can go over the North Pole.

  7. Alain says:

    Why San Francisco ? Are the US still the enemy of Russia ? Is cold war not finished ? I thought it was. Well, it seems that some in the US were asleep at that moment. With some foes in Moscow, unfortunately…

  8. America says:

    If this were still 1972 i would be impressed.

  9. percynjpn says:

    Great site. Enjoy seeing Russian aircraft in their home country.



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