7 The Wild Twisted River of Russia

The Wild Twisted River of Russia

Posted on September 12, 2012 by team

Kotuikan river is located in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. It is 237 km (147 miles) long. Its catchment area is almost four thousand square kilometres (2,5 thousand of miles). In summer the river becomes more shallow and its body starts looking different. The twisted artery cuts the Anabar plateau into intricate patterns, reveals ancient rock formations and attracts numerous tourists who should put their tents high over the water and fix their rafts well.


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7 Responses to “The Wild Twisted River of Russia”

  1. sauron says:

    I really need to visit Siberia.

  2. bross says:

    Siberia is wonderful place and very clean. Nice photos.

  3. Richard S. says:


  4. Archy Bunka says:

    What stark beauty.

  5. todd says:

    Very nice does that guy in that boat have a fishing rod.

  6. Lev Tolstoy says:

    More breathtaking scenery from Wild Russia. Thank you once again, English Russia, for letting us see it.

  7. OldBikr says:

    This is the kind of stuff I love to see in ER.

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