6 DIY Wedding Rings

DIY Wedding Rings

It’s nice to be a jeweller. Especially if you are going to get married. You can save some money and make rings that nobody has. Here’s what Julia and Alexey exactly did.

Pure gold is very soft and needs to be mixed with such other metals as silver, copper, etc. to become more solid. That’s why when they say “sixteen carat gold” for example, it does not mean only gold but some admixtures too.

Here Alexey is holding a piece of horn-beech.

This small piece of gold will turn into two golden rings soon.

The golden band is stretched and made thinner.

The golden pieces are heated and left for some time which makes them softer.


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6 Responses to “DIY Wedding Rings”

  1. Tovarich Volk says:

    Nice work!

  2. Rostit says:

    How is this DIY? I guess if you already have a jewelry shop setup you can make them, but I was hoping to see how to make them in my kitchen.

  3. Kent_Diego says:

    looks nice.

  4. bobi says:

    It’s ugly ! Ive seen better DIY rings

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