4 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII

Posted on September 12, 2012 by team

Today in the video selection: soup from the menu of Moscow Kremlin soldiers, a man who performs functions of a road roller, a dangerous sideslip that could end really bad, a guy who has just come out from another planet and still hasn’t come to consciousness, a soldier who lifts and throws a table with his teeth!

This video was shot in a secret place in the Moscow Kremlin where unauthorized people can’t get (especially with a camera). It’s the kitchen of soldiers who guard the Kremlin. What a tasty dinner they have today! By the way, in the window the fort of the Kremlin and governmental cars can be seen.

The man who successfully performs functions of a road roller.

Big luck! Nice it didn’t end bad this time.

The most strange dubstep video you’ve seen in a while.

Can YOU do this?

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4 Responses to “Daily Video Awesomeness, Part XII”

  1. andrei says:

    that guy has amazing teeth

  2. Tiger says:

    The road roller man…why does this not really suprise me? And in conjunction with the food for the Kremlin Guards and the black Mercs it all just is a too wonderful picture of what is going on and going wrong.

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    That food looks awful.

  4. HeavenlyBorcht says:

    What is wrong with the soup? I was expecting them to eventually show a rat carcas, or some “human addative” being put in. It just looks like typical industrial cooking to me.

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