8 Ukrainian Captain Nemo Builds His Own Submarine

Ukrainian Captain Nemo Builds His Own Submarine

Posted on September 10, 2012 by team

A guy from Odessa whose name is Vasily Chikur has designed and built a cool single-seater submarine. It has already successfully passed several tests at the shore of the Black Sea.

Vasily even demonstrated several tricks like sailing under the rescue boat whose passengers were watching the experiment.

According to Vasily if he uses a dry accumulator he could rotate along the fore-and-aft axis.

The inventor has two higher educations – medical and legal ones. Such an idea came to his mind during one of his birthdays. In general it took him a bit longer than two years to build the submarine. Necessary details were ordered from Russian industrial companies.

The submarine “Chikur” can speed up to four knots (about 7 km/h, 4.34 mph/h), under the water – to three knots (about 5 kmh/h, 3.10 mph/h). The boat can submerge 100 meters deep. With an extra accumulator it can sail 50 miles (92.6 km).

Vasily spent about $12,300 to build the submarine.

No special training was needed for making the boat. Vasily used the knowledge he obtained at school.

It submerges by getting overboard water and emerges with help of a compressor that pumps the water back into the sea.

He has a ballast chamber for the emergency emersion and an air tank aboard.

Vasily is dreaming to start mass production in order other citizens of Odessa, Ukraine, and guests of the city could have such a fun.

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

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8 Responses to “Ukrainian Captain Nemo Builds His Own Submarine”

  1. Yaroslav Votus says:

    He’s not going anywhere. There is no means to propel. Also, he appears to be locked into the boat from the outside. I won’t buy this.

  2. bobi says:

    There are propellers you smart as* !
    look at the pictures 4 5 6 from the top down and youll see 2 black propellers.

  3. Nobody says:

    This submarine is better than anything the Soviets had.

  4. JD says:

    Yeah, right. Better than all those atomic subs, aircraft carriers and supersonic bombers USSR had. What a bright thought, thank you for sharing.

  5. timothy says:

    In a way the biggest hurdle is building the first model and getting it to work right. Hopefully, he will refine it without increasing the complexity and cost too much. Its good to see people building these things

  6. jose says:

    I’m from Colombia, How much does it cost?

  7. Geoff says:

    Kind of fortunate he has a medical degree – that thing looks dangerous. Does he actually know about buoyancy? There is a very thin line between neutral buoyancy and negative buoyancy. Once negative is achieved you have only a very small window in which to get back to neutral, otherwise you just keep going down regardless of blowing ballast, engines at full speed etc and that does not look like it has any means of escape.
    Well done, but just looks very risky

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