17 Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner

Hunting used to be essential for life in the past as it saved people from hunger and cold. Today it is mainly used for entertainment. A hunting ground next to Atyrau, Kazakhstan that was opened last spring offers anyone to become a hunter.

Hunting has never been that easy. It rather looks like a shooting range, but instead of plastic rabbits you get live phesants grown specially at a farm. When a client arrives a phesant is let into the open space fenced from both sides where the bird even has no trees to sit on.

The scared birds rush away from a next group of the armed visitors with dogs.


17 Responses to “Hunting Some Phesants For Dinner”

  1. Wancho says:

    Lame-a** hunting!

  2. DougW says:

    Similar places around here. Not real hunting, just target practice with edible targets.

  3. JuhaPekkaNurminen says:

    shame on that kind of “fun”… but at least the animals are being kept in relatively good condition (not like for example chicken farms)

    • America says:

      Oh com’on! How is this immoral vs. the bird being mundanely slaughtered for dinner at the hands of a butcher, or an industrial slaughterhouse? It’s dinner just the same.

      lol, I applaud them for having fun with their food!

  4. Kent_Diego says:

    Eating meat full of lead balls does not seem smart.

  5. vacuumcleaner says:

    the first pictures I was like “quads and a cardboard box just to shoot for fifteen minutes wtf?”. Then I saw they had a farm. Made sense then.

  6. 70KokuSamurai says:

    Street corner sex for hunters; pay some money, get your jollies.

  7. Macsen says:

    I think that even the Yanks, that come up here to hunt, would be disgusted with this type of fake hunting. Not to mention that real wild birds taste much better!

  8. Jake Tyler says:

    WTF this is gay hunting, come here will show you real man hunting, its very easy to hunt an injured and weak bird

  9. Fife says:

    yeah that”s not real hunting.

  10. America says:

    Who gives a f_ck if it’s “real hunting” or light entertainment? It’s dinner. So what if you shot and prepared it yourself “in the wild”, or shot it for fun, or bought it at the supermarket. The bird was murdered and served for dinner just the same. If you eat meat you eat meat. Get over how it gets to your dinner plate.

  11. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    diaoyu islands belongs to china!!!o>_<~

  12. bobi says:

    No matter where you go on the internet you will always see Americans and their idiotic comments..how their views on life and the world..such losers being on this planet. Yes we know your country are known for murdering and hunting like how you hunt 80 million native Indian back in the days.. how you idolized guns and your hunting equipments .. how your ego is as high as show off kid in a school yard. You dont respect nature nor animals. But of course my comment here meant nothing to u and even pissed you off even more. Because is truth ? Or perhaps I should reminds you, how you bomb innocent people everyday around the world and pissed on their bodies. You American are a pathetic soul, the end is near on your evil empire.

    • 70KokuSamurai says:

      “your country are known for murdering and hunting like how you hunt 80 million native Indian back in the days.” What days? The native North American population never reached such a number, even if you count in the South American indigenous peoples. You wanna spew, alright, but at least get the facts right.

    • America says:

      You make me laugh! Very funny! More please!

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