63 Hunger In Kharkiv 1933

Hunger In Kharkiv 1933

Posted on September 10, 2012 by team

For all its history the world knew many periods of starvation. But the period 1932-1933 in Russia was characterized by the first “organized” starvation when the political factor was the dominant one, prevailing above all others. It was not caused by any natural disaster as it had been a number of times before.

The are many versions explaining the reasons of the hunger in Ukraine 1932-33. Bad harvest, catastrophic situation with the Ukrainian agriculture, bad management in the fields, lame planning and control of the situation etc. But more often it’s the government of the USSR that is blamed for what happened. Its actions are widely believed to be intentional and are even often called “pacification by hunger”. The Soviet authorities allegedly planned to liquidate the ethnicity of the Ukrainian nation.

People at the shop



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63 Responses to “Hunger In Kharkiv 1933”

  1. Takolander says:

    And still today, some people think Stalin was a good leader. They even have his picture at home… The Tsar would never have done this to his own subjects.

    • Hans says:

      Last Tsar wasn’t a good ruler at all, but Stalin was probably the most deranged ruler ever in Russia.

    • Maxim Ч. says:

      I would take Stalin over the Tsar any day.

      • Tiger says:

        Yes? Perhaps take another look at the pics above…that never happened not even under most incompetent tsars. With the Stolypin reforms carried out and without the senseless entry into WWI Russia would have avoided the revolution and the soviet mismanagement.
        Just imagine Charkov is part of the tschernosem belt, the best soil on this planet, and yet it faced hunger! That is like living in Chukotka and dying of heat…nearly impossible!

    • Tomàs says:

      So true. The Tsar would never haved treated his people with such brutality….to starve them to death!

  2. roofius says:

    comunist jews kill russians

    • maxaue says:

      yeah, for fools it’s easier to blame some mysterious “jews” than both ridiculous and horrifying founding of political system such communism.

    • Pacote says:

      UKRAINIANS too.

    • Hans says:

      Stalin was georgian and wasn’t “jew”. And this pictorial is about Ukrainian suffering under that crazed leader. Neo Nazi sites are better for you.

    • K@sey_yo says:

      Funny, I thought the jews were largely deported since the 1900s. I guess we have to take account of all the Jews that migrated to other countries, using their nefarious mind-lasers to blast every crop in Russia.

  3. Tiger says:

    Communism works!

  4. Nergol says:

    Communism: bringing repression, poverty, and misery to the world since 1917.

  5. The Weight of the World says:

    A mother of my neighbor during those uncertain times was forced to walk along with her kids for long miles for weeks to get back to the homeland. They had nothing to eat. She said she ate grass, barks and roots of every possible wild plant she encountered. I just cannot imagine “organized starvation” now, with people being so depended with buying at the store/shop/markets. People are so attached to restaurants and shops.

    • Matlok says:

      Weight of the World, you make a good point about people being dependent on shops, markets and restaurants. Nowadays people are too dependent, to the point that governments and corporations can control us with food like never before. Everyone should raise some of their own food, even if its only a few vegetables in pots, and you should store some of that food just in case.

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    It was a war against the (perceived) kulaks and rebellious peasants rather than against the Ukrainian people. Being the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s policies hit here the hardest but there were forced grain acquisitions nationwide by Stalin’s magnates and GPU. Stalin, Molotov, Kaganovich believed this cleansing of “rebellious peasants” was necessary to achieve their vision of paradise. A few in government (Riutin, others) tried to halt this; they were betrayed and arrested.

    • hobo says:

      These policies were the brainchild of Trotsky and Lenin to create a food dictatorship. This was the root of the Tambov Rebellion, for instance.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        True to an extent. War Communism employed these techniques to feed the Bolshevik-held cities during the Civil War. This did (forced grain acquisition) cause the Tambov Revolt. But the forced acquisition was halted by Lenin in 1921 and with the implementation of the NEP. Afterwards policies were eased with the Bolshevik’s victory. Stalin’s plan to rapidly collectivize agriculture to feed the industrial segment (1928 FiveYear Plan) put back into place forced grain acquisition (which Bukharin and others opposed). This caused grumbling which made Bukharin and other rightists future targets for Stalin. (At least that’s what I’ve read)

        • (r)evolutionist says:

          Another thing, hobo. The U.S. Government employed a “food dictatorship” on the American Indians in the 1800s (and even into the 1900s by isolating them on wasteland reservations where agriculture was hard). I’m only saying that to emphasize that Power everywhere employs this technique. (it was not exclusive to communism)

          • Matlok says:

            Don’t forget the near extinction of the buffalo! Though there was a big market in the east for buffalo hides, the slaughter was also a political move to deprive the plains Indians of their main food source. Buffalo hunters in some cases getting free ammunition from the army. also removal of the great herds enabled settlers to move into tribal lands to farm and raise cattle.

            • (r)evolutionist says:

              Right you are. The tragedy of the American Indians was comparable to the Ukrainians/kulaks in effect to the victims.

        • hobo says:

          They produced massive famine and tragedy because they killed all the people who knew how to produce food. During this time, “peasants” who established successful farms were turned in to the Communist authorities by their employees who would reap the whole enterprise for themselves. None of them knew anything about running farms. I have heard that Boris Yeltsin’s grandfather was one of the peasants who had his employer killed.

          So War Communism is responsible not only for the famine and tragedy, but also the rulers who brought poverty and degradation to Russians in the 90s.

  7. Sindbad says:

    The true face of communism. More deaths that from mongol inavasions and black plague in the name of “humanism” and “common good”.
    Viva bolshevik atheistic power, so nobody else could leave.

  8. lortea says:

    Very unusual here. ER says bald true about soviet times and communism crimes.

  9. herm says:

    Communist jews? hahahah Communist put jews in the gulags just like anyone else. They slaughtered the jews in Poland and other east block countries during and after the war.

    In her memoirs, Stalin’s daughter wrote that her father, josef, had memorized the New Testament and could recite it forward and backwards. One helluva a ‘christian’ there…

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Interesting. Stalin was an autodidact; he went to Seminary when he was young. His Mother told him before she died that he would have been a better priest than ruler.

    • hobo says:

      Jews were actually the majority of the Communist leadership. Stalin was sent to a seminary by his mother and he hated her for it.

      • hobo says:

        Also, the Communist revolutionaries had financiers from Jews in Britain in the United States – all the way up to Stalin’s five year plans.

    • Tiger says:

      They were jews by nationality not by faith (Judaism is in fact both: religion and heritage – conservative jews do still not accept converts, nor shake the hands of non jews or eat nor drink with them together since this might taint the kosher food and wine).
      Swedlov and Trotzki among many others were jewish. Lenin had jewish ancestors as well. Of course they were not living jewish lives according to the religion. So they also closed the jewish temples and killed many rabbis and pious jews as well since they despised any religion. A right-believing jew would not consider them jews any more in fact, since they violated all the jewish laws. There is a possibility in the jewish law to officially anathemize jews who have done wrong (although a harmless philosopher, Baruch Spinoza was cursed this way by his own kind), but I dont know if that has happened with Trotki et ales. The same thing goes for people like Stalin. In fact quite a number of former priests and seminarists converted to communism. Still no one calls them christians anymore. It is said that Stalin regretted closing the churches when the Germans were 50km from Moscow and he tended to believe that this was a punishment from god himself. So he sent for a nun and asked what to do (nobody hat beaten the Wehrmacht before in winter 1941). She said that he should reopen the churches, allow priests to hold masses and to parade a holy icon of the mother of god three times around the city of Moscwow in order to defeat the Germans and save the capital. He ordered the icon to be put in a plane and the plane to cirlce around Moscow for three times. During that time the battle was going on and the Germans started to retreat. Afther that he eased the pressure on the church and the church even contributed to the army. His last bodyguard who was still alive said in the documentary that the late Stalin was a religious man, performing ceremonies every day in the Kremlin, but that was kept secret from the public.

      • Dr. Kevorkian says:

        With or without the nun, frozen panzers and frozen to death german Landsers in summer clothes, would have retreated. Not even the planes could fly; this was new to the German Command. This was the first (and maybe biggest) mistake of Hitler and his Barbarossa Operation: Underestimating Winter. And also the Soviet far east and Siberian troops that came soon as reinforcements, of course.

        Interesting story of the nun, though.

        • Tiger says:

          I just told the story since we had it here with religion. But yes, the winter was exceptionally hard and the Wehrmacht was not really prepared for this as they though that they would reach Moscow before the winter. And of course it was the new and fresh divisions from the far east that arrived just in time and the competent intervention of General Zhukov that reorganized the defences. But is was really on the edge…

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Am sure old Joe is roasting in hell.

    • Hans says:

      Mmm… no. Hitler wins in horror, but anyway, Stalin has his well deserved place in the deepest circles of Hell.

      • Sindbad says:

        Stalin killed directly tens of millions, because of hitler died milions(especialy indirectly) stalin sent tens of milions to gulags and debilitated entire nations. Hitler cannot compete with that either. So why exactly hitler wins in horror?

        • Matlok says:

          It’s simple Sindbad, the victors get to write history!

        • Hans says:

          Under Stalin, between 17 and 20 million perished.
          Thanks to Hitler, between 60-70 million people died thanks to the war he so eagerly started; between 40 to 52 million were civilians.

          Besides, Hitler industrialized Mass Death, with the idea to exterminate entire ethnic groups.

          That’s why no one can compete with Adolf in horror made to humanity.

      • Tiger says:

        The difference remains though: Hitler mostly killed non-Germans while Stalin killed his own people (well not exactly his own since he was a Georgian, but according to soviet terminology, yes his own people). Hitler wanted to create a German super-state stretching from the Atlantic ocean to the Urals, to be ruled by German settlers. Stalin just killed because he either did not trust you, he wasn´t really sure what to think, he had the summer blues, the food was bad, the tea was too hot…summa-summarum they both surely share a very special place in the invisible world.

        • Hans says:

          Hitler also killed his people, sending them to a war that he created, and would have killed more germans that way if he could. Stalin was a paranoid madman, of course.

          The numbers remain. And Hitler has the undisputed prize in horror.

          • Tiger says:

            Every dictatorship or governance that denies the human nature and the interests of the future generations will end up in such disasters. The commies did not understand how culture, personal motivation and economic development interact and the Nazis didn´t think about their own next generations and how they will be perceived in the world after such horrible crimes.

    • 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

      comrade stalin was a great leader!~

      • herm says:

        Hitler wasn’t the first for mass killings. Muslims win there. Read any book by Ba’at Yeor and she documents the mass tortures and slaughterings since the 6th century.

        Stalin is estimated to have killed between 60-90million during his reign. Mao between 90 and 120 million.

        • 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

          you just brainwashed by westrunning dog!!!O(∩_∩)Oha ha~

        • Hans says:

          “…Stalin is estimated to have killed between 60-90million…” Really? More than Half the Soviet Union?

          Please tell us your source.

          • Tiger says:

            If you count the war losses it ads up to that number.

            • Hans says:

              Nazis invaded the USSR and most of Europe. Those killed go to Hitler’s account.

              • Tiger says:

                yes, but Stalin beheaded the army in the late 30s out of his paranoia. In 41 the Wehrmacht had maybe 5000 tanks and the Red Army had 20,000 tanks! Under a competent leadership the Wehrmacht would have been defeated in the first months and Berlin would have been captured in 42 or 43 with much less losses. Why do you think Hitler felt that he had a realistic chance to defeat the huge USSR? That was because of Stalin´s paranoia and micromanagement.

                • Hans says:

                  We can wonder all we want. It’s useless. That doesn’t change that Stalin’s numbers are far inferior. Horrible, but inferior to Hitler’s.

                  • Tiger says:

                    Well, the Germans always have to be the “best” so I give you the way. In fact such horrible crimes cannot just be measured by quantity, but have to evaluated as a crime sui generis. Each crime is “unique”, the Holocaust and the systematic starvation and none can be compared none can it outweigh the other.

        • Tiger says:

          No you cannot say this! What about the tolerance and so on? Our liberals and post-commies cannot digest such information. Muslims and commies are always the good ones!

      • Tiger says:

        Yes, and Zaphorochets is an understated DBS with just more style on top! The damn west just copied everything!

  11. Asmodeus says:

    The face of Stalin that shouldn’t be forgotten.

  12. Maxim Ч. says:

    If Stalin wanted to destroy the Ukrainian nation, then today we wouldn’t even know what the word “Ukrainian” means. It was Stalin, nothing was impossible for him.

    • Tiger says:

      The Ukrainian nation as a distinct nation from Russians is actually a soviet invention.
      The only thing that is different in Ukraine are Ruthenians and Galicians in the western part around Lviv. They are usually catholic or uniates and they are speaking a polish dialect. Whereas what they teach as modern Ukrainian is a heavy local Russian dialect with some west and south slavonic elements. In fact the are around the Dnjpr was not really populated in the 15th century (the wild fields). Kiew was known as the polish citiy of Kijow and was populated with Poles and some orthodox slaves speaking a Russian dialect influeced by the polish occupation. The larger settlements were again founded by Russian settlers and cossacks from the north and east.

  13. dan says:

    yep done on purpose by governments ,control the food you control the people,same with media propaganda.this technique is still being used throughout the world.carried out by the elite,

  14. pencil shaprener says:

    What do you produce as a gene pool when you combine Turkish-Iranian-Russian invasions with Islam-atheism-Orthodox rivalry? Kavkaz is the pointed tip of this. The only thing that kept the communist leadership so ruthless was the thought that they would be killed (eventually) for what they did. This is why they made sure they were OTT at every opportunity. Even Lenin was shot at point blank range and survived. Stalin’s incompetence during WW2 would have been met with a bullet had he not liquidated the officer class and replaced them with NKVD spies & cadres.

    • Tiger says:

      It is not a genetic thing nor a religiuos one. Look at China, Cambodia and North Korea. Look at the German National-Socialism, which in fact shared many ideas and even economic concepts with the USSR. But about ruthlesness you are right. They knew that the people were revolting all the time and that public discontent was very high through all times. They compensated this with brainwashing the people with soviet eduacation and propaganda and by quelling resistance with their secret service. If you look at the current state of Russia, you will still see the birth marks of this era on the face of reborn Russia.

  15. MAC says:

    Stalin starved the Ukraine 7MILLION + perished during this mass existicntion program. The USA F.D.R. was in bed with Stalin he knew what was going on and did nothing.

    The USA & Stalin both funded Hitler with raw materials and money from International Bankers.

  16. America says:


    There, i fixed that title for you ER.

  17. al says:

    communism at its best! Killing its own workers.

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