62 Time to Study!

Time to Study!

Posted on September 9, 2012 by team

The school year has recently begun so here are the photos of one school in the Moscow region. Here you can check out how Russian schoolchildren study, what equipment they are provided, where they eat and train.


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62 Responses to “Time to Study!”

  1. Leo says:

    First comment? Boosh!

  2. OCTOMOM says:

    I can’t believe these Russians! WHERE are the Metal Detectors??

    • andrei says:

      russians aren’t as dumb as americuns so no need for detection

    • vorontsevich says:

      What do you need metal detectors at a school for? Or am I missing something?

      • sauron says:

        Most schools in America have metal detectors. Because we’re broken.

      • Foq says:

        it is a common practice to have those in public schools in US.. This school is anything but your average school, though..

      • OLUT says:

        American schools have problems with children bringing weapons to school and killing people, so now there is zero tolerance for weapons.

        A story in the news a couple weeks ago was about an American 3-year-old deaf kid named Hunter. In sign language, the symbol is pointing your hand like it’s a gun, and his school won’t let him make that sign, because it violates their no-weapons policy!

      • Ball Breaker says:


        She (I suppose) meant GUN detectors used at the US schools to watch their demented ‘terrorist’ kids.

    • olorin_ says:

      If you need metal detectors in schools, you might have a problem.

    • America says:

      lol, United States has over 100,000 schools spread out over 10,000s school districts. Most elementary schools like this one don’t have metal detectors in them either.

      Fact is, “during the 2009–10 school year, there was approximately one homicide or suicide of a school-age youth at school per 2.7 million students enrolled.”

      Yeah, U.S. has huge problem with shootings at schools! lol

      • Jack the Roofer says:

        You can keep laughing, becuae only in 2010 there were 12 attacks with 14 deaths and 2 wounded.


        That’s not OK to anyone sane, but if it’s fine with you, well, cheers! Let’s celebrate.

        • America says:

          And what’s your solution? To ban guns so severely that your nations Olympic pistol shooting team now has to go abroad to practice? And you call that sane? That’s the UK’s “sane” way of confronting a school shooting. EVERYONE must surrender their weapons, NOW, the police will protect you. We repeat, the police will protect you. Or at least take a report after the fact for you. Cheers!

          • Pacote says:

            Well, not even Metel Detectors are helping. School Shootings in your country continue. You’re bllody insane. You’re the only guy I’ve heard that is happy to have their students killed by other crazy students.

        • America says:

          “Lord GEORGE ROBERTSON (Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom): There is no place in any decent civilized society for handguns of any kind. And let us therefore resolve that the lasting legacy of the evil that visited Dunblane on the 13th of March will be the complete outlawing of handguns so that this kind of atrocity can never, ever happen again.”

          cheers! Let’s celebrate.

          • Pacote says:


            Are you also celebrating that the Scotland had ONE of your many school shootings?

            This is a sensitive issue to you, right? It should be. You starting to sound crazy.

          • Lord Kitchener says:

            Yeah, right. We had only Dunblane in 1996. And you had more than 85 school shootings in the USA with your dead counted by almost 200 since then (excluding the wounded). That’s why you have Metal Detectors at schools, moron.

            Attacks and victims amounts say that the UK approach is much better than yours, if that was your point. Another conclusion might be that your teens are just bloody mad. Or both.

            -“Cheers”- What’s that?? You’re batshyte crazy.

        • America says:

          What i see in your numbers is that 1 child was injured at an elementary school like this one in 2012. One, injured. As i said most of these shootings are in high schools or university where the metal detectors are.

          Those 14 deaths and 2 wounded, while tragic, are 16 people out of 77 million U.S. students, 55.5 million of which are elementary through high school age.

          So in 2012 that’s 1 death for every 5.5 million students, and 2 wounded for every 38.5 million due to gun violence.

          Tragic but hardly the huge horror show playing out across the U.S. that you make it to be like there are shootings everywhere. It’s easy to point to 5 schools and say there is a problem, true, but that’s out of 99,000 U.S. public schools too.

          But whatever, i don’t really care if you have an agenda to make the U.S. look bad. Give it your best shot, mate. cheers! lol

          • Pacote says:

            Dude, accept it: you lost it.

          • Ball Breaker says:

            “…if you have an agenda to make the U.S. look bad…”

            No need. YOU do an excellent job at that.

          • Ball Breaker says:

            “… It’s easy to point to 5 schools ..” Since 1991 it has been around 100 attacks, and more than 70 in since 2000, so these increased about 100%.

            Your dead count surpasses 3 times all of Europe’s combined since 2000. No problem…


            “Tragic but hardly the huge horror show…”
            Your US Secret Service disagrees with you. It got so alarmed that issued a Report in ’02, and found that the causes of killer teen shooting were a mix of youth’s social/behavior problems, and easy access to guns. (Meaning, deranged kids and easy guns), so it recommended Metal Detectors among other things…

            Your own government admits you have a society problem and ordered “dangerous” Schools to be with Gun Watch. Yes, like terrorists.


            I’m glad you’re so happy, as any person in denial can be.

            • Asmodeus says:

              This kid ‘America’ has a predilection to FAIL, and ends up embarrassing his country everyday. LOL. Maybe he’s an Iranian in disguise.

  3. agus m says:

    Well kinda impressive comparing it to argentina…

    Por lo que veo se ven bien equipados estos colegios se ven limpios y ordenados algo impresionante si los comparamos con los de argentina

  4. Y5K says:

    No matter how nice a desk is, nobody can get away from math exam and school reports waiting for them.

  5. Piotr says:

    Wow, it looks unbelievable compared to the shitty schools in Sweden.

  6. The Weight of the World says:

    When was the school opened for the first time? The 1st of September 2012? Oh, wait the 1st was on SAT, so, hmm, the 3rd of SEP? It looks really good, though, sterile. I wonder about the heating. At least the corridors seems to be wide and the classrooms are bright. Good to know, they stopped using the medical green on the walls. Drrrr…What a terrible color. I remember when one of my teachers used to say that the green color used in schools has a nice relaxing tone. Maybe, she liked hospitals. However, they still use the same old patterned tiles.

  7. whistleblower says:

    looks like new boulding. They kids have fuced, looks like army model of scholl, to much equally on first photo: backpacks, books, clother. Poor childs !

    • olorin_ says:

      I had to decipher this first, but I don’t see the problem here. The building is a bit sterile, as mentioned above, but the standard is quite high. The desks have hooks to hang the backpacks on, nothing strange about that. If you refer to the arrangement of objects on the desks; well, they share the space, so a system is not a bad thing. And finally the clothes … If school uniforms is mandatory on this school, why are so few wearing one?

  8. sauron says:

    Nice school.

  9. Timothy Erickson says:

    Looks very nice. Is it typical? I’d like to see schools in areas outside Moscow. I’ve heard that Moscow is not typical of most Russian cities. What are the schools in, say, Kurgan, like?

  10. Cedre says:

    That school look very new!!

  11. Foq says:

    this is not your average school…

  12. Jeebs says:

    HOLLY C*AP! I think out of all your post this one is the only one were everything is new the buildings not crumbling the floors are clean the out side looks…a …little…too…perfect hmmm

    something’s afoot???

  13. JZ says:

    This school looks kind of cold and unfrieldy… I’d feel uneasy in these large empty areas. Somehow reminds of western prisons.

  14. Dmitry says:

    Wistleblower, do a spell check.

  15. Poupou-en-guyane says:

    Isn’t it a private school ? Anyway, how is the teaching ? Isn’t it the most important ?

    • Jeebs says:

      Private school you say ok now it all makes sense I was going to say there is no way all or even new newer schools look like this especially in Russia. So I’m guessing important people like important delegates and high ranking officials children attend this school. If that’s the case then they got a lot more than just medal detectors for security

  16. russian says:

    99% of schools in russia way way worse

  17. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Study as Lenin studied.” (in the U.S.: “Study as Harrington studied.”)

  18. Tim says:

    Cool, but I got to say before everyone else starting spreading this like “This is the only school like this in Russia”. No it’s not. There are many schools rebuilding right now and many already rebuilt, and many of them looks like this, but still, like 50% of them is in old condition. I’m from Russia, I know.

  19. kjl;jkl says:

    wow – russians have a normal school

  20. Jay says:

    Russian education mainly science & medicine, is one of the most advanced in the world. Reverse you population decline. These kids might be the scientists, chessplayers, olympians, boxing (other martial art) world champs of the future. Go Russia Go!!

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