26 Soviet Tourists in Germany, 1945

Soviet Tourists in Germany, 1945

Posted on September 9, 2012 by team

Last week we showed you some photos taken by the Germans in the city of Soviet Ukraine in 1942.

Closer to 1945 Soviets paid a return visit to Berlin. There were no direct flights then and even if there were few, it was not enough for all who wished to go to the German capital, so the people chose tanks…


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26 Responses to “Soviet Tourists in Germany, 1945”

  1. Adolf says:

    Where’s Fegelein?? Bring him back Here!!

    Fegelein, Fegelein, FEGELEEIIN!!!

  2. cro says:

    Please, do visit Berlin again, and Paris too. And then London, and after that Washington. Lovley cities…

  3. Jack the Roofer says:

    I guess I saw a small Fegelein behind the smiling “traffic officer” girl.

  4. whistleblower says:

    they RAPE everything womwens, girls ! from ukraine to germany. deamons !

  5. Daniel says:

    Payback is a b***h! They gave the Germans a taste of their own medicine. You notice that the Germans have been quiet for a long time since them. They have finally been taught a lesson!

  6. Bobnormal says:

    I Love it peoples of the website, I also believe that my peoples also had chance to visit glorious Berlin 1945,

  7. Dai says:

    Yes, and all call them heroes…

    • Asmodeus says:

      Of course. Without them, there wouldn’t have been Normany landings nor Sicilian crossings. Without them, deadly ethnic cleansing of Europe would have been much, much worse than it was. Without them, probably you wouldn’t exist.

  8. CZenda says:

    The photo showing the Red Army soldiers hurrying to liberate the grocery/liquor store is a killer :D
    I remember my grandfather telling a story about Red Army “liberating” their farm of all poultry and rabbits. Fortunately, he took all their cows to the neighboring forest the day before.

    • Vlad says:

      Poultry? LOL. My dad remembers how his whole familiy was killed by nazis because even the kids and grandmas were suspicted partisans.

      • CZenda says:

        Obviously, you do not want to get the point. Soviets were supposedly allies of Czechoslovakia (based od agreement signed in 1943). This, however, did not prevent them from looting during the “liberation”. They also stole both granddad´s bicycles and alarm clocks. You just cannot argue with a drunk muzhik waving a PPSh, can you?
        The other side of my family lived in the parts of the country liberated by US Army. Such things simply did not happen there. What they remember is that Yanks were eager to trade their canned food for anything fresh. My wife´s auntie, born right before the WWII, remembers she first tasted chocolate in May 1945 and that it was given to her by a black soldier after she started to cry at the sight of him – she never saw a black man before :)

        • America says:

          I get it. We were allies in war, but not in values. Great story BTW!

        • Shenequa Washington says:

          And that Black Soldier at home couldn’t sit at Whites Only diners, or had to go to the bottom of buses for some 25 years more.

        • alsm says:

          Czechs (like Romanians and Hungarians) was German allies during WW2. Thew have started some riot in Prague at May 8th 1945, to change side and stopped armour production for Wermaht at May 7th, 1945.

  9. vacuumcleaner says:

    Poor decision making and tin pot nationalism led to the castration of Germany and gave the chosen ones free nukes. Bet no-one saw that coming back in 1912.

  10. Stalins Cat says:

    Red Army on Tour !
    A Thousand Year Reich ?
    hahaha – the Charlie Chaplin look-alikes Reich lasted a pitiful 12 !
    The Nazi slugs could dish it out,raping and pillaging as they went,but they got their deserved comeuppance in the end.They brought it all on themselves.
    Fantastic photos of the victorious Red Army in the Nazi dogs battered lair of Berlin.

  11. Benzin says:

    The German army quickly was coined the saying “Better three French campaign than one Russian”

  12. pakema says:

    time to call your doctor?

  13. MAC says:

    Hitler & Stalin were the same just different names.

    Communism has murdered over 100 MILLION peoples, Hitler was destroyed because he tried to hurt the Jewish people and God got rid of him.

  14. The smell of death and destruction must have been awful. But, the Germans asked for it, they followed Hitler.

  15. JM says:

    That is the most stupid and tacky headline ever. And of course it was just very convenient that the OP didn’t include the fact how his “tourists” raped thousands of women and little girls.

  16. Boris says:

    JM, you are right.
    The Germans didn’t rape thousands of women and little girls. They just killed them.
    So of course, when Russians wanted their revenge, it was completely right of the Germans to complain. They didn’t get paid back what THEY did to other people, eye by an eye.
    Otherwise, there would be no Germans left today.
    Think? I doubt you can.

  17. wm says:

    Both ‘isms’ (fascism/communism) committed genocide as a means to their warped ends. Let us be thankfull fascism died off as quick as it did and be mournfull that communisim still festers among humanity here and there.
    There was hardly a quarter asked or given on the “ost front”. It is amazing to me as many survived as they did all things considered. Stakin’s relentless push on his competing generals to take berlin cost the russian soldiers dearly. Weatern Armies of the day would have recoiled at the expenditure of lives that battle cost. It was a necessarry battle , rather reckless attack strategies that cost so much of the russian troops. Has there ever been a russian study available for PTSD from WW2 ?. Surely there had to be some serious efforts in that area considering the hard fought battles ?.

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