1 Most Ecological Lawnmower is a Rabbit Lawnmower

Most Ecological Lawnmower is a Rabbit Lawnmower

Posted on September 9, 2012 by tim

These days the environment conservancy awareness is at the rise. More and more ways to go green appear worldwide, replacing the traditional but nature unfriendly methods of doing things with more greener ones.

Not to miss that, one Russian inventor reportedly started a production of the most green lawnmowers one can imagine. The idea was to build a large size mobile rabbit cage without the flooring inside. It could fit enough rabbits and cover some part of the lawn for a few hours while rabbits eat. Then in a few hours its being moved to another neighbor spot and then stays there for a few hours more while rabbits finnish all the grass around. The more rabbits you have inside the faster this “lawnmower” works. At a good pace you can get your yard mowed just in one day, wasting zero gas and chilling around while it mows itself. Also no annoying noise is being heard while it works.

The lawnmower noise itself was a reason for the guy to start making something like this. As he recalls when he woke up one morning and couldn’t get any more sleep while his gardener was doing his lawn grass.

People report that the invention already got popular among the local riches and is being sold very well.

By the way, the rabbits themselves grow fast and then provide an organic meats for the house kitchen. What a petty fate for a garden helper.

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  1. tomas says:

    why not just buy some goats or sheeps and put a fence around the whole yard, no need to move it once in a while then

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