2 Explosions For Movies

Explosions For Movies

Have you ever seen how they make explosions for movies? Today we’ll go to a set of a Russian movie about the events that took place during the battle for a Russian city Stalingrad. It’s always interesting to spend some time backstage and watch how magic is happening.

Everybody understands that when we see bombing in a movie it does not mean that movie directors use real bombardments to show an explosion. The explosion site is chosen far from actors not to harm them.

The fireworker is ready for an explosion during a rehearsal.


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2 Responses to “Explosions For Movies”

  1. Liptonius says:

    Explosions are all well and good, but really, you need a good high-speed car chase and some unfettered boobies running toward the camera to make this work.

    Fire the writers!

  2. I have seen some mind blowing explosions in latest movies expandables 2 and i just love them ….. fight, explosions, gun shots, bad people killed …. way to go man

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