2 Jet Bomber Welcomes You

Jet Bomber Welcomes You

Posted on September 8, 2012 by

So when you drive thru Russia what can you encounter on the road? Well, almost anything as most of the videos show. But how about a head-to-head encounter with a large war plane? Easy!

The air force general has commented this video: “That’s nothing weird. He (the pilot) just wanted to practice and has chosen a road as an easy to use landmark while practicing”. Yeah, easy to use civil crowded road is a cool landmark indeed!

But not only the warplanes like the easy to use landmarks. How about a helicopter in rush. I bet he needs a good landmark too, and the lower he goes the better it is – the landmark is much more visible when you go low flying:


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2 Responses to “Jet Bomber Welcomes You”

  1. Tim says:

    Cool, at least our pilots are bad ass. I don’t see nothing wrong with this. Only liberals again will cry like a baby simply because they have nothing else to say.

  2. Russian Bangster says:

    Love it :)) Russians are realists

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